CB radio advice

How do ladies and gents.

After some help please…

I’m parked up and bored out of my tree so was cleaning. Found a cb radio tucked away in a recess I have never had need to look in.

So I thought sod it i’ll install it. However im having a few problems. The wagon has an ariel connected and the driver had one in this wagon before me.

Ive opened the cover and found the antenna wire. No issues here. However I am struggling with the power source.

Please see pics attatched by the way.

There is no obvious “plug and play” point so i was wondering if someone could explain where to wire it in please.

Thanks in advance

If any more info is needed I will do my best to oblige

And yes I know “noone uses them theyre only for tippers, only flip flops use them ect” its here its free I may as well put it in for a giggle

Cheers CMG

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Did the old driver have the CB in the overhead recess ?


Grumpy Dad:
Did the old driver have the CB in the overhead recess ?

Yeah next to the tacho

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DAF XF105 ssc if it makes any difference. Cheers CMG

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DAF did factory fit CB’s at one time, but got a tad expensive, but they continue to leave fit the coax Ariel and wiring so it was just plug and play. Looking at the pictures the CB has spade connectors so for a guess it’s another driver that’s fitted it or the last one, can’t see them being fitted to the red plug as there’s a few wires in the back of it. The only way around it if you can’t see a definite connection is to look at the leads individually to see if there’s any breaks which would suggest scotchlok connectors have been used.

Beware that’s a 12volt radio and the truck electrics are 24volt. You need to find a 12volt source or get a DC to DC converter to drop from 24volt to 12volt for the CB. Connect to 24 volt and the radio will be smoking!

Much obliged to you both. Looks like ill have to wait on fitting it.

Cheers :slight_smile:

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how big is the red block ?
would the spade connectors fit into any of the slots ?
if yes have a closer look and see if you can see wear

get yourself an avo meter, you can then poke about in the connectors and find the 12v supply,

The xf had a white plug with a red and white wire for the cb, don’t know about 105/106 need to wait for somebody to see,

Cheers folks thanks for the advice

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