CB engine noise, MAN 440

I’ve got rpm noise on my cb, every time I touch accelerator? I’ve wired it to the overhead locker lights, with a 12v dropper, & antenna is mounted on the rear spoiler frame with the lead running into the locker, along the plastic foot plate & up the door post, any ideas please ta…

I assume by RPM noise you mean interference from engine which manifests itself as squelch. I had a similar issue in my FM. Initially I overcame this with a combination of turning my squelch control up and swearing.

However, I’ve since taken a feed from the 12v socket (■■■ lighter) and it’s gone away.

Hope that helps.


Get a large value capacitor and fasten the lead to the output of the alternator and the body of the capacitor to the body of the alternator.A old type points "condensor "will do off some old Ford or BL car.You can still get them from a decent auto factors.

It allows the varying output voltage a path to earth to stop signal hum running through the truck wiring loom caused by an unsmoothed (in comparison with a radio signal)alternator output.The capacitor will allow a varying signal to dump to earth but will block dc flow.