catch 22

Hi to you all, I just signed up yesterday and am planning to do the course and test for both C and C+E in November. However, after reading on this forum,looking at job ads and phoning around agencies, I don’t see how a “brand new newbie” (don’t even know if that is a term or not); gets their first few jobs with no experience. Anyone out there have any ideas?
big thanks to you all already for saving me about a thousand pounds with the advice on “mocky” training schools.I am prepared to do any work, any hours, anywhere to get past the initial no experience problem but don’t want to fork out for expensive course and tests if there is no way around this. HELP PLEASE

There is work. But you have to look, literally, everywhere.

There are few lads on here who have found jobs within days of passing their categorys, but like i said, you’ve got to look, look and look again and sign up with every agency in your area.

thanks Sam, Just being told that it’spossible by someone in the know is a boost. I’m gonna go for it anyway!

You need to do leg work, don’t just read the job section of the paper, get out and find the work by cold calling and talking to people. Try smaller firms with less glamourous jobs, skips, septic tanks. People are not often beatingthe door down to get into that work but it’s a start.

Anything is possible, just not always easy.

hi…based on sonny jims experience…passed his class 2 12 months ago…initially getting 1>3 days work a week…took everything the agencies offered,van 7.5 ton etc…mostly the crap jobs nobody else would do[arsey tms..poor trucks etc...unsocial hours etc] in with a couple of decent firms who asked for him by 3>4 days regular..finally in with firm hes with now [refines cooking oil to bio diesel]…loads of work,plenty of hours[pulling 500 aweek topline]…but the 2yr experience still reared its head with their insurance company…luckily they agreed to pay the excess[around £750] to keep him on based on him doing whatever was asked of him…things MAY get a little better when agency laws change shortly…more permanent jobs may be around and you will have your cpc…this means firms wont be looking at training costs/hassle in the near future…its not easy and you need a thick skin…but all you need to do is keep plugging away and a little luck…try everything thats offered…and sign with as many agencies as possible…there are more poor ones than good ones…you will soon find the ones that have the work…hope this helps…Cheers,Stu

Just keep plugging away at job ads, join a couple of agencies etc. Another thing to do is get the yellow pages out, write up a good Cv and a cover letter asking if there’s any work and if not to keep your details on file. It’s worth calling the firms that you sent your Cv to a few weeks later just to see if they have anything and remind them about you. I’ve done all of this in the last month, started on an agency today driving a dropside transit (its a start!) and I’ve had a couple of interviews this week for class 2/cat c work with local firms. Hopefully the leg work will pay off soon, if not I have the agencies to fall back on.

I’d worry about passing the test first.

worrying about passing the test I can do, I’ve got a black belt in that already!

phone companys whos buisness isnt transport i.e transport is just for moving their own goods. like smallish builders yards and food wholesalers etc. ive found theyre more willing to employ younger or less experienced because theyre profit isnt from transport… :slight_smile:

Hi there

Its not easy finding work newly passed but you have to put leg work in it wont come to you ! there are jobs out there myself and many other newbies are proof of that you just gotta be able to take the no not yet thanks forget them and go to the next eventually someone says yes and gives you a go and then your away how long this takes is the luck of the draw some get that break straight away others takes longer me it took six months but made the the right impression on my first job (even with running out of fuel!!!) and havent looked back since been working for said company for 1 year now and they ask for me by name as they know i will always do the job and dont take the ■■■■ :wink: , if you have the character to stick at it you will succeed in getting a job just ask around everywhere if ya see a driver ask him any jobs going at your place go into companies face to face put yaself about as they say , good luck with it all and before you know it you will be doing a diary on here of ya first day at work happy days :smiley:

best of luck

Jen x

Like Jennie has posted try firms other than hauliers I am thinking of furniture removers or breweries where the job is quite physical older guys dont want that type of thing. I slowed and gave way to an artic this morning was surprised to see a young lassie in the driving seat. She got a job so you can too.