Cat CE training near Wolverhampton?

Does anyone have any specific recommendations? I’ve looked at the list but I think it might be a bit out of date and most of the links are broken. I did my Cat C with Peter Smythe and was happy with the service but it’s just too far to be travelling (for me), and at any rate I want to have the licence back in my hand ASAP. I need a permanent job (moving into a flat) and there just isn’t a lot about for Class 2 drivers. It’s as my uncle said, they prefer to have Class 1 drivers because they can just send them out in anything. Need to send artic to depot in the next town? If the guy on the rigid run has got his Class 1 it’s no problem. If not…

And do I need to use my tacho if I have an assessment? Wondering if I could fit it in before work :unamused:

Edit: And something else. Am I better off going for my CE or something extra (HIAB/ADR/MOFFET) to get more work and money? (There’s lots of HIAB’s round here, and some ADR positions advertised online. Moffet might be less of an idea because I’ve never used a forklift)

If the travelling is too much, consider an intensive course over a weekend with test on the Monday. Free accommodation if you ask nicely! (Seriously, just mention that I said it was ok when you call). Choice of Man w+d, auto w+d or auto full size artic.

Hope this helps, Pete :laughing: :laughing:

I took my C test at Central Transport Training in Wolverhampton. Passed first time with 5 minors so they did a good job. Took my C+E with CRH who now have a place in West Bromwich which isn’t too far from you. They also test from there too.

If I had to pick one I’d say CRH.