Cat C Training Bracknell/Reading Area

Hi guys,
I posted here last week about leaving desk job behind and contemplating driving a truck. A week later I’ve done some more research and have my D2 form filled in and booked a medical for next week so I can get my provisional. In meantime I’ve been looking at training courses in local area. I’ve found Surrey and Hampshire HGV Training in Hook/Chobham, fits the bill in terms of location but they do not offer an assessment drive so could be paying for instruction I don’t need. I also like the idea of an assessment drive having never driven a truck before in the event I think ‘there’s no way I’m doing this for a living’, very unlikely but perhaps worthwhile before spending a load of cash. Also seen Coates in Slough who do offer assessment drive and the chap I spoke to there was very thorough. I have also been told to look into React, which apparently are in Reading but can’t seem to find a trace of them on internet.
Would anyone either recommend or otherwise Coates or Surrey/Hampshire options or anyone else in the vicinity that might be worth checking out?
Many thanks

I reckon REACT has gone = … 69660.html
And their tel number is no longer in existence

I think so Rog. Number doesn’t connect, website no longer works!

Have you checked out the link in my signature below ?

Yes, thanks Rog. Read through it although obviously missed the Hampshire list and by doing that think I have answered my own questions. Thank you!