Cat C passed

Hi all, passed my Cat C last week 27-March, As i have grandfather rights just need to do my 35 hours training ready for September.

Will also be undertaking my Cat C+E in the next couple of months, any top tips?


Hi rob. First of all congrats on the pass mate. Passed my c+e 2 weeks ago. Just listen to your trainer mate. And same again as your cat c. Just mirrors more mirrors and some more. Take your drive nice and slow. Gear changes nice and smooth. And importantly enjoy it. When your doing your reversn on your c+e mate honstly do it really really slow. I found out hard way and went to quick and made hash of it. And that was using my shunts. Just take it real slow. No rush. Good luck pal. Davy :smiley:

Congratulations on the pass. Don’t know who you trained with but may be worth contacting them to see if any of your training hours you done can be credited to your CPC.

:smiley: :smiley: