Castle Cary road closure

Shut in both directions from July 8th until 29th November, sounds a long job.You can still get to the train station, but after the bridge that is no further.No access in to Torbay Ind. est, except via the Lydford cross roads.
The bridge may have a weight limit on it after they have finished the work.

I tipped at crown pet foods the other day with a load from France, there apears to be only one access road onto the estate for trucks and I cant see that being closed so as far as I can see there shouldnt be any problems.

The truck access route to Torbay will be open as normal.It is no access if you on the road for bridge repairs.Castle Cary is too small for trucks and you get stuck there.

Ok been past crown pet foods today and if u r under 14’9 come in from Lydford Cross A37 if u r over sorry i didnt go out towards railway station to c what one of the bridges is shut ! I think its the little bridge towards Evercreech but dont quote me on that !!

Framptons not happy about it.

they are shutting langport river bridge for 6 weeks in school holidays aswell !! chaos in somerset !!!

There was an earthquake in Japan and the road was destroyed.It took them a week to build a new road.
If anyone has seen the Michael Douglas film called Falling Down he questions the long time to repair a road and fires a RPG in to the road works quoting it needs repairing now.Great film.

Any business between Wincanton and Castle Cary will suffer or go bankrupt.If customers face long diversions and fuel costs they will go elsewhere.
Do not forget the farmers that can not move livestock to and from their fields.
In Europe restaurants and businesses get compensation for loss of trade due to a road closure or road works.

Coming from Shepton you cant access Castle Cary or the turning for Lydford out to Torbay Road

Coming from Wincanton you cant access Evercreech or anything beyond the Lydford turning.

Coming from Yeovil through Galhampton you can access Cary.

Hope that helps