Carters (containers) & new job

Wondering if any of you guys/gals work for or have worked for Carters (CEL Group) on containers ?

Seen an ad in Norcon at Leeds for class 1 drivers working out of Leeds and the tackle seems right enough, just wondering what the money’s like ? There’s was a number to call (with a Hull STD code) but I didn’t bother writing it down as I was expecting to get the XF480 when the guy who’s leaving to go to Viamasters goes tomorrow. Turns out that it’s going for big tanks putting on it and one of the European drivers is getting it (who has only been there a week) and I’m going to be keeping the Premium 400. This news has completely [zb] me off as there is no worse wagon than the Premium and I would even drive an old ERF which I hate just as much before I’d drive a Renault.

I’m looking for another job immediately because I hate the bloody thing that much but I think I’m going to struggle to find another job with a decent motor and a good take home (£430) round here and have my doubts that a big player like Carters will be able to match it.

What a fantastic start to the festive season and to look forward to in the coming new year. I HATE RENAULTS :angry: :angry: :angry: :cry:

:stuck_out_tongue: Worked for them a couple of years or so back, but on Agency.Kit generally good,as you say. Did not hear anyone ■■■■■■■■ about the money, which is unusual. I HATE RENAULTS ALSO, and DAF85s :smiley: :smiley:

Have never worked for Carters directly, although I did subby for them out of Southampton once upon a time. They did try and keep it legal (unusual when you’re a subby), and not too tight - so not too much stress.

Overall they seem a reasonable lot, I can think of several drivers who’ve been there for years…although I know they laid people off quicker than most when the work went slack last Spring (last in first out on the spot work side - so contract is the place to be. :wink: ).

Rob, i thought you was going to go for the European slot?? If you had, you would deffo be getting the Super Space now! I have to be honest and say that the European driver will need the Daf before a UK guy would… the hills out there are far more demanding than anything we have here. I would have made the same choice as your Boss… sorry, mate

Bear, I just can’t seem to make the break for it and do Italy. Although we’re meant to be away all week on the containers I do enjoy it when I get an unplanned night at home through the week which helps as I’m renovating the interior of my house. If I did Italy I would be guaranteed to be away all week and I just don’t want to be home for Saturday afternoons and Sundays only. Ideally I’d like to start Monday no earlier than 6am and be finished and washed off in the yard for 4pm on a Friday but the chances of that happening are zilch.

Thinking about a move to a parcel company, perhaps on nights doing trunking but I would have to take a serious wage drop, not have my own motor and this time of the year is the worst for changing jobs.

If I could find somewhere that still paid £350 take home locally without nights out and a decent motor then I’d jump at it (like most others probably would do too :smiley: ).

I just don’t have my heart in doing Italy.

Have you thought about going onto shop delivery work or something like that, the moneys good and your home every day, you dont get the same motor, but the kit is generally new and well maintained.
I dont know if your near Rugby, winsford or castleton, but wincanton are always on the look for people on the woolworths contract. or any of the big supermarkets, just an idea anyway

I’ve done some agency work for Carters recently. I was on the night trunk. 2 trips from alconbury to felixstowe a night. or occasionally a local delivery (argos at daventry or B&Q at Grantham). Nothing strenous, and a guaranteed 10 hours a night on agency work.
Rate was £9 per hour for the first 10 hours, then £11.25 an hour after that. And I was on one of the worse paying agencies, but I believe it was still more than they paid their own drivers. Not sure what the money is like on days, but heard that it isn’t too bad.
I was averaging 50-55 payable hours a week, although for the 3 weeks I did it I finished by 1am at least once a week. Bring home wage of about £350 a week.
Mainly run Merc Axors from Alconbury, although they do have a few Premiums (yuk). I think that they run Topline Scannies and a variety of other trucks from Woodbridge, not so sure about the northern sites. But they are all relatively new and in good condition. They don’t let you run bent, and don’t push you to do hours that you can’t easily achieve.

If you can find the number then they are definately worth a call.

Im now working for a subby to Carters, I dont know a lot about them yet as only did last week. Of course, any info I do get might not be relevant anyway Rob, unless they treat subby’s the same as their own blokes, which I think might be unlikely. Going on a week, they seem ok so far.