Carr & hodgekinson / carr jcb

Anyone remember this outfit ? they used to move jcbs from the factory at rocester all around the uk and did a bit of continental work (france and spain) went out of business about seven years ago when Brit European won the jcb contract My dad used to drive for them sadley no longer with us. cheers Adam

I thought that JCB was from around your way on the A50…?

They got a big place at Rocester on the A50, my old man goes in there quite a lot for HC Wilson.

I thought it was another speling mistake…

thanks for the replys carrs was a sub contractor for jcb based in cheadle and wernt owned by jcb

I know this is an old post, but came across it while searching for some info and thought I would join and add a bit to this.

Carr and Hodgkinson were based in Stramshall. near Uttoxeter. They ran a fleet of F88’s from a warehouse at the bottom of the village and had a garage in Fole. It was run by a guy by the name of Bill Carr (I never knew where the Hodgkinson bit came from). Bill had only one arm as he had lost his left one in a car accident, his son David later took of the running when Bill retired. My father had a similar sized haulage business in the same village which we ran from a farm on Hollington Lane, we had a mixed fleet of Fords, Atki’s, ERF’s Leylands etc and Bill and my father were good friends. Every night they met in the ■■■■ Inn in Beamhurst and lorries were often parked in the carpark of the ■■■■. Bill could be a bit fiery, and if he got upset his little stump used to waggle like mad under the sleeve of his jacket which as an 8 year old I found very amusing :smiley: .

In the mid 70’s Carrs got the contrat with JCB and moved out of Stramshall to a purpose built yard and workshop in Cheadle, the warehouse was sold to my father where he continued until Christmas 1977 until ill health caused him to shut shop. That was a sad day for me as well as I always hoped that when older I would be able to be involved in the business but it wasn’t to be. We sold the warehouse to another local lad who also lived in Stramshall by the name of Ray Carnwell. He lived just around the corner and was running a Scania on middle Eastern work from a farm he lived on. At that time O licences were getting more strict and those running from farms were getting stopped from doing so.

The last time I saw Bill Carr was in the early 90’s, I was working as a self employed HGV fitter and did some work for him. David was running things then but I met Bill as he was in the yard at the time.

Now the favour time, if by any chance anyone from the area and era should happen to have any pictures of my fathers vehicles I would love to have a copy. We worked regularly out of Liverpool but also did some local work for Bamfords and Unigate. We were also called on to put vehicles in for floats in Uttoxeter carnival (so if any of you locals have some carnival pics from the 70’s you just might have what I am searching for) All my old pictures got lost years ago. Our company was J R Pattinson Haulage Contractors.

Chris Pattinson

Hiya … i dropped (Croda)groupage off at carr n hodge down a narrow lane off that bend in Tean. carrs was running erfs. off cream/green and orange
they then had Volvo,s in the same colours. it was the JCB yellow later. when they shared that yard in Cheadle did,nt the gate fasten with
a chain that had 3 locks linked together carrs lock then it must have been your dad had a diffrent lock and i can,t remember the third person, it may of
been Stan who owned corgreen. sorry no photos of either firm.i think that was carrs yard are IAE near there now.

We didn’t share a yard with them, we bought their old Stramshall place off them

In fact just looked and its still standing

Hiya …it did,nt look like that in the early 70s i think we tipped on the roadside through a gateway.
Good old days. I,am certain i,ve seen a photo of a Carrs ERF on TN somewhere.

Are you sure you aint confusing this place with the place in Tean? as this looks exactly as I remember it. There was never a fence or gate (in fact I remember for our O licence we had to put in some removable posts around the edge that were never in place :smiley: ) and the diesel pump is still on the edge of the warehouse. Last time I saw this place was when we moved. There were a couple of Atki’s, a couple of ERF’s and a Guy. There was also the remains of a Scammel Handyman slowly decomposing on the grass area to the right. Can even remember the names of our last drivers…cant remember what I did last week but stuff like that I can remember as clear as owt.

We didn’t share a yard with them, we bought their old Stramshall place off them

In fact just looked and its still standing

sorry i can’t help with any photos (someone probably will) but well done for bringing this post to life again. it did strike me that looks a lovely little yard, but would sadly be a magnet for every tealeaf in the land these days without 8 foot fences and alarms etc :imp:

scalli i worked for terry swinson who is married to ray carnwells sister,cant help with pics of carr,s but heres a pic of ray,s 142 on the back of my scanny i drove was ray doing the middle east in the 141 he had before the 142 there

I remember Ray doing the middle East stuff back in 1974, he had a M reg Scania then and I am sure it was signwritten Carnwell International back then. I remember returning to Stramshall a few years later and seeing a newer Scania with Carnwell UK on it.

Is Ray still around?

rays still about as far as i know mate