carl photos

heres a few pics ive posted for me old mate carl! no doubt he will add a few comments below!

cheers old pal the model scania i had built for me a fair few years ago i realised i couldnt afford the real thing so i opted for the model :laughing: .the green erf i drove for about 6months and it was a cracker it had a rebuilt ■■■■■■■ in it and was pushing out about 450 bhp the guy i worked for sold it for 7 grand :frowning: and replaced it with a t reg eurostar 420 good cab crap everything else.the b&s premium i had from new and that pic was taken at the very first peak truckshow at bakewell and i got a second place in the renault class with it.the other pics were taken at gaydon a few years ago and the shirleys and joe sharp motors from the peak show uttoxeter last year :laughing:

That B&S Premium used to park in my street ( thurne in tamworth ) every weekend,wasnt u by any chance was it carl, or was it one of there other wagons

that would me gav i used to park it right next to house :laughing:

yeah,bloody lorry drivers blocking up my quiet village street :smiley:

Thanks for the photos Mal,not often you can find a handy crane to strip a tilt.
I used to live in Polesworth many many years ago.its a small world.
regards derek

ado derek that crane was doing a fine job until a gust of wind caught the tilt cover and took it 30 feet in the air and then snapped the rope and dropped the tilt cover over the cab :laughing:

looks like you went to the peak show on the same day as me carl.

absolutley [zb] it down with rain,good selection on show though and my little un loved it :smiley:


Very lucky for a crane driver to help you with the tilt mate.Very lucky indeed.
Im on IRF (AGAIN :confused: ) at least they have got rid of their tilts now,(as the first time i was on there, every trailer was a tilt :cry: ) theyve just got 1 or 2 Elka rent tilts running around thou, the other 100 or more trailers are all Euroliners :smiley:
That model Scania really is the dogs danglies Mal :smiley:

ado kindle that scania model is mine mate mal posted em for me as im pretty useless when it comes to stuff like putting pics up. :laughing:no tilts bloody typical i liked the job it was varied enough for me not to get bored .whats irf like now mate.jon me and my lads went on the sunday mate and the weather was much better thankfully and my lads really enjoyed it the shirley,s scania was my lads favourite he,s nearly 5 and a mad scania fan already oh and stobart ,kids eh :laughing:

Nice Pics :smiley:

Great photos Carl. Like the Premiums tank, nice un shiney like they should be.

Keep em coming :slight_smile: :sunglasses: :slight_smile:

IRF is ok if you like that sort of thing mate :confused: they got quite a lot of decent work, and the best trailer fleet in Felixstowe, which helps things along a bit easier.
They have got a lot of Poles running over here every week now though, but we manage ok.

ado kindle yeah i liked it mate id done fridges for years so it was a nice change. :laughing: what do the dutch guys think of the poles coming over.

Dont really know mate, dont see hardly any cloggies over here now for IRF, just the Poles.
There are loads and loads of Dutch over here during the week for other companies at Fxto though.

is chris still at irf he sat with his back to the counter opposite the guy who did all the reloads cant remember his name now i knew chris from his days at nippress :laughing: