Career change to HGV1 Driver

Hello to everyone,

I discovered this site by searching the Internet and very pleased I have registered and come across a forum with such a wealth of information and interesting advice on all things to do with HGV.

Recently I decided to train for HGV having clocked up well over a million miles in my driving life to date and the fact I really enjoy driving. Searched the Internet and local sources for a training provider, in the end I decided upon a course via the HGV Training Centre (a broker). Took this course because I was unsure as to who to use, what I needed and all the changes in legislation etc. They have provided me with excellent advice and are always available, helpful and friendly. Having completed the Medical, Provisional C licence application, LGV Theory Test and Hazard Perception Test currently I am booked to do my practical training and test for HGV2 (C licence) at the end of this month . If successful, then I will go straight on as soon as permitted to take the practical training and test for HGV1 (C+E licence). I will also have 14 hours CPC course completed, a digital tachograph card and I also intend to take the ADR course to complete my CPC and also give myself more to offer any prospective employer.

Rightly or wrongly I firmly believe that HGV driving is at the pinnacle of professional driving careers now; where maybe it once wasn’t, things have developed and changed to such an extent that the attitude and professionalism required is becoming more evident to a much wider audience even though most road users only ever drive a car. Driving for the emergency services, police and race car driving etc… are either very specialist or such a minority compared to HGV that direct comparison is hardly fair or compatible with the demands of daily truck driving with all that this entails in my view.
I certainly was not looking for an iconic, justifiable or egotistical means of earning an income; no, just something I feel I could do well, enjoy and be part of an interesting vibrant sector of worklife that will give me the rewards that I am not currently achieving.

Since looking at topics on this site I have wondered if using a broker for my training was really the correct route even though the comments were written way back in 2009.
I am also apprehensive about the ease or not of achieving employment especially as I will be without that key requirement, HGV driving experience. It seems in many job advertisements, insurance reasons is the excuse given for a minimum of two years experience.
The starting remuneration per hour or annual salary is another obvious concern in view of the cost and effort required to gain HGV1 bearing in mind the above.
Even though job satisfaction is key to any change in career, it’s not a given and the reason we all work is for the money to pay for the living expenses we all have to bear irrespective of any lifestyle aspirations.

Despite the concerns above I still welcome the reality of becoming a truck driver and willing to accept that there are negatives but the positives will be far greater. That is certainly the inference gained from the experience so far from this site. An interesting video on here of a newly qualified HGV1 drivers’ first day at work driving a Mercedes artic to Brighton (I think) only wish he could have added some commentary during the journey that could have added so much more to a very useful insight.
The advice and videos pertaining to the actual driver training are also most useful, interesting and very informative all done with such great clarity.

I thank you all especially the contributors of such informative material that is so useful to someone like me. This site really does create a good impression of the world and community of HGV drivers, thank you very much. :smiley:


As you have already committed to a broker then I hope it goes well for you

The 2009 comments have be echoed throughout the years since and some have been very recent

Do you have a C1 already on your licence because you said you mentioned 14 hours dcpc? - perhaps I misunderstood…

Hello Rog,

Yes I do have a C1.

I had already committed myself to the broker before I found this site. As with any
thing that’s new and unfamiliar, there is the inevitable learning curve apart from the formalised training. As we all know the real learning occurs with experience and the gaining thereof.
I am under no illusion and always keep an open mind, there are many that know far more than I do.

Hello Rog,

Yes I do have a C1.

So 21 to go before 09/09/2014

Unlikely to happen as you have gone through a broker but some trainers have the LGV C and CE practical training approved for dcpc hours for a little extra money

Yes I have 14 hours DCPC included in my training for an extra fee. Plus I intend to do the ADR plus that will train me on all except explosives and radioactive modules, this will add the additional 21 hours for the DCPC.

Incidentally, I’m already taking steps to get work as I believe one needs to be proactive.

Some say there’s a driver shortage, some say there isn’t; agencies best, direct employment best, self employed, umbrella co’s, PAYE - to be honest it all gets damned confusing!
So, I’ll deal with reality and be positive, proactive and make it happen like I’ve always done.

Getting work without that 2 years experience is certainly the problem,magic roundabout syndrome ! As for learning,i don’t ever stop,there’s always some challenge & rewards. There is also the sitting in Tesco or Asda waiting to tip for endless hours & never being able to understand why ! There’s also the days when you take the slip onto the next motorway,only to find stationary traffic,tight on hours & realizing you’re not having that meal your wife has gone to so much trouble to prepare & ending up in the dog house when the wife says "you know you should not of gone that way ! " 'Trucking may be the pinnacle of something but career choice,debatable !