Car Transporters

Thought for the day. The guy who never makes a mistake never makes anything !!

i remember that when it happened bojangles,thats in the hams hall yard of lawsons.driver was jack from hartlepool depot.cant remember if it was on a cv16 or rolfo 11 car,but he had done all his drops bar one,and left that on the peak,unfortunatley,it didnt make it under the low bridge.poor guy lost his job over that,lovely bloke too.

dinger bell:

I think Tibbet and Britain got involved when it was still Silcock Express anyone got any pics of them when they were Silcock & Collins they ran some Albion wagon and drags in the 60’s Green and Yellow i think how about some Cartansport BRS or Furness & Parker

When i was a sprogg my dad (george Bell) or dinger as he was also known drove these trucks.I started going with dad when i was 4 or 5.I can still remember the rear exiting gear stick on the Albion.Before that he worked for progressive and Frank hayes.Those were great day,s today is boring.I still have many pictures of Silcock days, mainly the Lawford Heath site.He loved that Foden and sometimes we drove Dodges, a Scania 85 and a Magirus Deutz.Deutz is the engine for those who dont know.Im not a Trucker, ive been in the Army worked in Formula One and at Bmw here in Germany but i still love the memories and the old days.My dad got involved with the Scotland run, Bmw,s on the trailer, he loved that and the dollars were very good.Im a car nut and i remember the old simcas,Chryslers, Talbots etc etc.I remember dad getting a brand new Ford d series turbo we hauled jags fords triumphs and dad got involved in photo shoot with that truck that ended up in a book.I was truck mad in those days and i still have soft spot today.I wonder if anybody here remembers dad.The drivers all used to meet at the ryton bridge hotel on the 45 and converse.I got my coke and crisps and they had great taught me to drive in the compound at bell green i was twelve and it was in a capri.When we had nights out i was in the back of a car and in the cab, no sleepers in those days.I hope you enjoyes my little article.Theres loads more if anybody is interested
Regards.Dinger junior.

hi Dingle Bell where are these picture you promised us ,wish now i would have took pictures when i was with me Dad ,

Heres a line up of ECM (Carlisle) car transporters at their HQ at Carlisle. Sorry, the photo isn’t my best.
■■■■■■■■ Gill


Just some small from Sweden.

Renault 340 I used to drive

Baby 005.jpg

Crappy night shot


Dingle bell where theses pictures ,ha ,looking forward to seeing them ,mark


Here’s a couple from me.

Loved the job but hated the company! Been itching to get back into the industry.



Grimsby and Immingham.


Heres a car transporter of a different kind, Coming up th River Tyne at Union Quay North Shields.