Car insurance PNC

Does anyone know if I could claim on my insurance to get some bodywork done? I’ve had a look through the documents and can’t find anywhere that says they will pay out or they won’t, I have PNC so I thought if possible I might aswell get it done for free … Cheers for help

Is this just damage/wear that’s happened over time? I doubt you would be able to claim although a call to your insurer can’t hurt

Bare in mind your insurance will still go up if you make a claim. It’s not just the loss of no claims bonus that causes your insurance to go up after an accident the pre discount price goes up as well because you’ve made a claim.

You also have to consider the excess as well which you’ll have to pay.

Just damage to bodywork quite a lot , got a quote from a approved vw garage for £1650 so thought if I could claim would be better , my excess is £100 so not too bad