Cant they tip on all bays

had too wait 2.5 hrs outside a r.d.c in bradford the other day , finally was allowed in and told to go on bay 2 , so gets on bay , hand in keys and paper work and asks how long roughly would it take to tip my 2 pallets , about 1/2 hrs as weve got to tip the h.s.f truck on the next bay too you 1st [ thats fair enough mate as he was here 1st] but theres 2 zb bays if you havent noticed so why can 5 of you tip him and the other 5 tip me , surely you dont need the best part of 10 blokes to tip 1 zb trailer .
well they did , 2 hrs later we left , 5hrs for 2 pallets .
why do all these firms pay out to have all these bays built then tip 1 at a time .
they dont have 1 out of 30 tills working in super markets with customers waiting for 5 hrs atm a time for a pint of milk so why the zb do they use 1 bay at a time to tip us, trucks stood for hours when theres plenty of bays to use. :imp: :imp: :imp: :imp: :imp: :imp: :imp: :imp: :imp:

It took me six hour’s to tip 2 pallets into a Sainsbury’s RDC once :cry: . I couldn’t use the time as rest coz you were in a queue that snaked around the building and moved 20 feet every half hour. The van in front of me only had an a4 size box and when we got round to the only two bays which he couldn’t use a fork lift came out with an empty pallet :open_mouth: (far to heavy to carry). I asked him if he would tip me from the side I only had two pallets. His reply was na if you had one i’d do it but I couldn’t do two :imp: :imp:.

lol i have to deal with 9 conveyor bays, 3 ramp bays and one inlet bay in work and they make use of all of them. what an arse that is!!

lol i have to deal with 9 conveyor bays, 3 ramp bays and one inlet bay in work and they make use of all of them. what an arse that is!!

get a job at farmers boy, bradford then youll only have to deal with 1bay, and then youll have about 9 mates to help you do it :wink: :

Once waited 6hrs ON a bay at T&Britton bellshill as they FORGOT ABOUT ME !!! :imp: :imp: :imp:

Never really get this problem …
Hit the two hours grace and phone the brewery to let them know the situation .
Normally they will phone the customer and give them half an hour or tell me to go in the office and tell them …
I prefer the going in the office and tell them option , I love watching them squirm because I know they have to que jump me or I will be pulled out :laughing:
Customer : we will see what we can do .
Me : upto you mate I’m not bothered , I,m out in 30 minutes if you don’t get me on and tipped , I still get paid the same :laughing:
Then when they do que jump me to get me on , the flotilla of slamming cab doors and a que of drivers piling into the office gobbing off for putting me on …
Not my fault ladies and gentlemen … :wink:

I tried to deliver 2 pallets into morrisons new rdc in Swindon awhile back. It was 6 hours before my firm pulled me out, and there was a guy that had been there since 8am the previous day and this was 3pm the following day, and he was in a rigid with 1 pallet on!!!

There must have been 20 to 30 people milling around with pump trucks, but they had no room in the warehouse, so all they were doing was using our vehicles as storage until they could find room to tip. They tipped one guy, he then pulled of the bay to rtealise they had reloaded him with a full load to goto a morrisons store somewhere. I said to him he should have just closed the doors and driven off :astonished:

I went there when they first opened . I was the only one there and it took 2 hours (nights)
Just lately I have gone in there and been done in less than an hour , they do seem to have got their act together , touch wood .