Canada again ;)

Hiya, I’m the Mrs of a UK truck driver with 18 years experience in artics with large lorry loaders (76 ton/meter).

Its been his dream to do this work in Canada/USA/NZ. Due to the state of the UK we have decided that nows the time. His ideal is Canada so thats where we are going to concentrate on.

I’ve been (so has he) reading for your forums for months and searching the net for information.

Over the weekend he applied for a job via fish4. The advert was placed by We also went onto their website and apparantly they are doing a recruitment drive for New Brunswick.

We’ve had an email back about their free assessment and they advise us we do qualify if we have a clean medical and criminal record.
BUT they want over £4k to take us through the process, they don’t provide airfares and there’s no guarantee of a job, thou some of their fees are not payable unless there is a job offer. Also for an additional fee they will take us through the PR if we wish to take that up when the 12 month work visa runs out.

Some people have mentioned that companys that want the UK drivers are paying for their flights and relocation package hence my dismay at reading the above deal they think they are offering us.

Now I think this is daylight robbery.

We have a child so our concerns are upping sticks and moving under the above offer. Especially as if it doesnt work and he doesnt get PR it will be in a critical time of our childs schooling (GCSE’s). We would also have to sell up here and with the economic climate we would be making a big loss over here to chase a dream over there.

Also is says its dependant on a clean medical. I am ex military and was retired with pension due to an injury that led me to have quite bad arthritus. Cold doesnt bother me so much as wet, damp weather.
Is this likely to cause us problems with moving out there and getting PR especially in light of the news item a couple of weeks ago whereby a family was refused entry due to a disabled child?

Sorry its a bit of a long post but basically I’m asking

  1. is a rip off?
  2. will my medical condition affect immigration?
  3. is it better for him to basically up sticks by himself and get a job, bringing us over if it works out?

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

If you want some plain, simple and honest advice look at

dont go through a immigration agency, cost to much money, plenty of companies willing to help, i have job offer with H&R transport and i only got to pay for my alberta hgv licence.

My ex boss, is going to Canada any day now, he didnt use an agency and strongly advises against them, an employer has sorted it all out for him.

No fees other than for his police check and I think that was about a tenner.
Rest of fees small change as he described it.

Here’s the company he is using, they are his new employer.

Thanks for the information. We agree, using an agent is a waste of time and money.

He’s heard today from Siemens (think I spelt that right) who want him to go to Canada for an interview…blumming long way for an interview.
If he has to go, then we have no choice but he will try and line up some other interviews. He’s checked H&R but there’s no info on overseas drivers (he will have to ring) and he’s checking out Bison. I will pass on Yanke so thanks for the link.

On the email it says he has to take all this information (medical/references etc) It also asks for a copy of driver assessment -road test.

Do you know what it is? I’ve rung our local LGV/HGV office today, who say driver assessments are pre-license and the certificate is handed in on a successful test result. They have no idea how he could get hold of one and that holding a current HGV license shows he already has this. Can anyone else answer that?

Really appreciate the help and advice people are giving :slight_smile:

Hi. kazianco.

I have been in Canada for 4 years now. i started at HWT, part of Siemens transportation. they are based in saskatoon, saskatchewan. but now, after getting my residency about 1 yr ago, I have my own Truck, and pull for Transx based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba.
They are many companies out here looking for drivers

If you look at they will set you on, and help do all the paperwork regarding immogration. plus, they dont ask for any money from you.

i know there isnt a lot of info here but i hope this helps.

Is that you, Wayne?

OK, Kaz. is clearly a company trying to suggest they are official. Steer clear of firms like that. The statement that there is no guarantee of a job is a copout.

I will pm you my email. That would be easiest.

who are you talking to there??

Thankyou you two :slight_smile: Look forward to your PM Bob :smiley:

So does anyone know about this driver assessment?

I always assumed the driver assessment they ask for was just to spend an hour down your local HGV training school, go for a drive and get the instructor to write a headed letter saying you’re not a danger to the roads. As said though, if you hold a current HGV licence and you supply job references I cannot see why this should be needed, just an unnecessary expense, unless it’s some kind of official requirement from Canadian Immigration which I wouldn’t of though likely at all.

I was meaning you Wiggum, asking if that was Wayne.

I never did a driving assessment. They took the 18 years experience as a sign I was at least competent. I don’t imagine the company would take a UK assessment as evidence really.

The driving assesment, from a driving school in UK, is proof that you can drive a truck, not got it 20 yrs ago and never used it. Plus has to within a 3 month time limit of arriving in to Canada

A criminal record from Police. Again, has to be within 3 months of arriving in to Canada.

Wayne… :confused: :question: dont know him. i think i have heard the name before is an immigration agency. Employment agencies will help you out and there are no fees for their services as they are paid by the employer.

There are jobs that are fairly easy to find. Ask as few questions as where to live and work. Keep in mind that your husband will probably not get the best job for his first year or two, but like many others, he can move on to other better jobs after time. Take some time and look at different places to live. Some like Winnipeg, and some like Calgary. Find something that suits your lifestyle.

Best of luck to you all.

The driving assesment, from a driving school in UK, is proof that you can drive a truck, not got it 20 yrs ago and never used it. Plus has to within a 3 month time limit of arriving in to Canada

A criminal record from Police. Again, has to be within 3 months of arriving in to Canada.

Isn’t holding a current HGV license and a current job in that field proof that you can drive a truck?
I’ve emailed them back anyway to ask if the above isnt proof enough, as he is working in that field now.
Sorry if I confused the issue, I meant he got the driver assessment 18 years ago BEFORE he took the test. He had to have that and a medical before he was able to take lessons. He then took his test and has been driving 18 years or more.

Thankyou for the heads up thou, I’ll contact our local driver schools and see how much it costs and how long it takes to arrange.

Thanks to everyone else, I’ll let you know the outcome of the email, as tbh unless he doesnt use his HGV license now, seems a total waste of time and money, when Canadian driving requires another test at their end.

Had an email back from them today.

They said not to worry about the driver assessment, they do it out there as part of the interview.

They do ask thou that the drug test is done in the UK, although they can do it there, they prefer it done by his own GP.

The drug test should be done by a recognised doctor if it is for the governent. Mine cost 50 quid I think, but the consulate took it when I applied for my visa. Give them a copy if they want it but keep the original for the employer.

I couldn’t get drug/alcohol tests done at my doctor, but I was at war with one of the receptionists there so it may just have been her.