Can you believe this

I would love to be alone in a room with a blunt knife and a kettle full of boiling water with the piece of sh who did this .
Probably says a lot about me, but I dont care.

Kin heartbreaking.

Not watching it but I get the idea what it is. Horrible scumbags.

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i wont watch it because it will upset me… but does it mention if the perpetrator went to jail? or was he just put on some register that stops them owning a pet.

reminds me of the other story posted a month or so back about the peacocks best to my knowledge they did nothing about that

Same here. Rusty razor blade and testicle grips is needed for this piece of filth - same for any perpetrator of cruelty to animals, because the next step in hurting defenceless creatures is children, there’s proven links between the two.

Just watch it mate…spoiler, happy ending.

This little dog was lucky, how many more that we dont know about was not so lucky.

It’s a sad indictment on modern society how many kids are involved in animal cruelty.
When I was a kid I loved animals.and all the kids I knew were the same.

Luckier than the adults and puppies that were pulled out of a canal in Leeds recently

There are some horrific instances of animal cruelty from children, but I believe that a lot of what we see is adults being cruel. how else does a crate of puppies come to be abandoned in a layby?

It sickens me that my area is regularly mentioned as one of the main hotspots for animal cruelty.

I don’t know which is the saddest, the terror that poor dog must have felt or the fact that people exist who could do this to a puppy or any other helpless animal :frowning_face:

Good there was a happy ending for the puppy though :smile:

Thing is there are animal refuge centres all over the country.
If you cant afford to keep a dog, drop it off there…even on the doorstep, rather than thoughtless unspeakable cruelty as a first option.

Not beginning to justify anything far from it, but vets bills are astronomical, only because of pet insurance, another pricy con.
So combining poverty with one brain cell, this is what ya get.