Can anybody help?

I stumbled on this forum when I was googling something totally unrelated. I was surprised and happy when I found my husband’s name mentioned in one thread and in another I found a photograph of him! He was an HGV driver from 1969 to 2012 and I recognised many of the names mentioned from tales that he told me. It was more a way of life than a job.
In May 2012 he was diagnosed with Mesothelioma! Sometime in the previous 50 years he had breathed in a fibre of asbestos. We were in shock and denial, he was so fit and healthy before suddenly becoming breathless.
My husband could remember going to factories that were being dismantled to pick up old machinery that may have had asbestos lagging for shipping abroad but he couldn’t remember where or when. In the early days he would pick up all kinds of loads but he couldn’t recall any details. People weren’t aware of how dangerous asbestos was therefore he didn’t receive the compensation he deserved and even worse he didn’t live long enough to see his only granddaughter.
He was an HGV driver from 1969 to 2012, he drove for Walkers Transport /J H Walker and Son Ltd in Peterborough then he drove for MAT until it went into administration (2006). After that until he became ill he did agency driving mostly for the Post Office.
It’s a government scandal, neglect on a massive scale resulting in an incurable cancer that gets very little publicity (probably because they can’t pin the cause on the individual). It is registered as an “unnatural” death, it has to go to the coroner for inquest and even though my husband died at home, I had to go and “identify him” at the chapel of rest!!! Who is really responsible for his death and our loss??

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dont know if this helps but if he spent anytime in workshops in the day alot of nasty things inside hgv workshops good luck sorry for your loss :smiley:

Some general ideas from me.
Boiler houses. Remember those Fred Dibnah programmes where he toppled the chimneys?
Railway works. Did he transport old steam locos or carriages?
A boss where I used to work died of mesothelioma, attributed to asbestos dust from brake linings so I agree with the post about workshops.
General demolition contractors.
Water utility companies. I picked up a load of muck the other day and found an asbestos water pipe.