calling Lucy

Hi Lucy,

I was wondering about you recently as I picked up a copy of truck and driver this week and read an article by a portly gentleman responding to one your recent pieces concerning union matters and I wonder if you could post your piece as it seems to have provoked this chaps ire.If this breaks copyright issues.could you break it down to it’s basic essence as I need to get my head around the matter,

I always appreciate your articles, in particular your ecellent forum posting one time about sleep patterns and how taking daytime naps can undermine nightime sleeping I found very interesting and having subsequently put your advice into practice,can vouch for it’s effectiveness.

I still pick up the t&d now and again and it was good to also read Dave Youngs pithy piece stating what I’ve always suspected,that the fundamental reason we in the transport game can’t really aspire to a general harmonising of unity is simply because that we,by definition,tend to be too widely dispersed geographically in our line of work, as opposed to say,miners,engineers etc.This makes sense to me and I think this fact is entirely relevant to why there is a widely held old trope constantly wheeled out ad nauseum ‘drivers never stick together’ etc. (nice one Dave,you are truly a well evolved individual) I don’t really know what to make of the other chaps argument,on the face of it he seems to me all too emblematic of a certain mindset and appears to be psychologically wedded to some antiquated views that hark back to a more supposedly gallant time,although I could be totally off course wth this line of thought and am merely guilty of wanting to witness an intellectual joust between the forces of modernity versus the sensibilities of a less progressive era.

Hope you are well Lucy and long may you continue in journalism.You have a great mind and a big talent.(not just an opinionsmith) x.

I don’t think she posts much anymore, Riki may point her in the direction of this thread or you could pm her.