I currently work 4 on, 4 off and every time I get to the cab, it’s immaculate!!! Unreal!! The guy before me has a cleaning obsession, the windows sparkle, the seats are spot less, the air vents are dust free, steering wheel spins faster and you can see your face in the polished floor! Hey ok, I empty the ash trays now and again, but the rest? Come on that’s what the wife’s for!! Well I don’t want to upset him and he gets pleasure out of it, you can tell :slight_smile: . So now I make it even dirtier, don’t empty ashtrays and leave it real bad, I mean real bad!! But I come back and it’s spotless!!! Oh well so now as well as the BIATCH at home, I have one on the road :slight_smile: Oh and forget it, I’m not renting him out to you lot!!! ON YER BIKE!!! Oh and he’s not GAY before you even go there. ! :slight_smile:

must be fun picking everything of the floor as it slides all over the cab :laughing: :laughing: