C+e training with wagon and drag

Hi, first post so go easy on me! I have recently booked my c+e training, it’s with surrey and Hampshire hgv. I did I my class 2 with them, good outfit. Passed my cat c in an iveco eurocargo with a knock over 8 speed box. My c+e will be in the same truck with a wagon attached to the back. Will this definitely get me full c+e on my licence, not restricted to wagon and drag? Also as all my training is with a knock over box, how easy is it to get the hang of different gearboxes, is there that many different types? Cheers, Sam.

Hi Sam.
Yes a wagon and drag will get you a full class 1 licence, should be ok as your used to the rigid already.
As for gearboxes autos are point and shoot and a doddle and 4 over 4 instead of knocking the stick over to 5th theres a switch on the front flick the switch up for 5th to 8th.when your in 4th flick the switch up so when you change to 5th (back into 1st gear position) its already in high range so no need to flick the switch when your changing gear.
Hope this helps


The ‘E’ in C+E means trailer over 750kgs. It doesn’t matter whether you pass on Wag+Drag or artic with semi-trailer the licence is the same. In fact we use exactly the same make and combination you will be testing on so no problems there.

It is recommended that you get half a day on artic training after passing in W&D so that you can get used to the different aspects of it

There is much more on everything in the LGV TRAINING TIPS link in my signature below

Thanks guys. Wow there’s a lot of info on that tips link, thanks Rog!