C+E Training in south east london kent area?

Im looking at doing my C+E training, does any one have any recomendations of training firms in the kent area.

I did my class2 in march with kent metro which was good and had my assesment with them for the artic but didnt like how the assement was judged.

So now looking for others to find out what one is going to be best.

I have spoken to mainstream who have given me a set price without even an assesment and i am unsure of this.

Have you checked out the schools in the LGV TRAINING TIPS sticky?

Don’t know how close they are to you but there’s national driving centre in croydon
They do free assessment and all prices are stated and clear
They operate out of the TA centre so good for parking

Give gordon Springates at detling a call 01622 736803 I’ve done my class 1 and 2 with them and highly recommend them :smiley: