c+e training and test!

Hey guys wee quick question. As some of you mind know have my c+e training on thursday. Just wondering while training and on the test do you still have to feed steering wheel or can you cross hands??, just thinking as its longer lorry. Cheers guys :smiley:

I’d be saying feeding the wheel, as that shows your in control of the vehicle. I was told while doing my class 2 that the only time you don’t have to feed is while reversing

the DSA and advanced organisations are not so hot on the PP method these days although it is preferred as its the safest method

as long as you are in full control at all times then that is the criteria to follow

generally the low half of the gearbox and reverse are ok to cross hands as it tends to be at low speeds but using the top half of the gearbox I think PP will be a safer and more controllable method

Many struggle with PP because they do not use all of the steering wheel and so end up shuffling the top bit ten to the dozen !

If you find you are unable to push and pull and are having to cross your hands whilst turning you are probably going to fast for the situation your in.

Just a little tip for trainees

Paul :smiley:

Thanks you guys :smiley: . Obvs i know class 2 was feeding steering but i wasnt sure about class 1, just because its longer and thought maybe take longer feeding the wheel :smiley:

The advice from ROG and Paul is absolutely correct.

BTW, the police use PP. It is, IMO, the easiest and quickest method of getting any size vehicle round a corner. Doesn’t screw up your back either! (is that a sign of advancing years!!)

Pete :laughing: :laughing:

Cheers pete think easy way is for me do what way im taught to on thursday :smiley: