c+e pass!

Hey guys as some you mite know did my c+e today and passed! Nailed the reverse 1st time which i was nervous bout. Over moon say least!!

Well done on the pass mate!

Thanks alot guys :smiley:

Nice one mate, well pleased for you. Been checking for a update for last half hour

Thanks noney mate. Finishd at half 4, was wryd bout that reversen an nailed it 1st go no shunts lol

Good day for us both mate, well done :smiley:

Did you just use little tweaks?

Congrats mustang. Well done mate. Yes noney just took it easy on the reverse. Was wryd bout that lol

Well done Davy over the moon for you, now you can get into gear(pardon the pun) get round them local haulage company’s and kick start your career , all the best fella.
Ps you can always do a wee diary of your test , I like to read success stories .

Thanxs thomas pal. I just give my mum my liencse and pass certifcate there as shes always sending post due to her work. So wait on that coming back. Need to get on top of the tacograph regs. Know gud bit about them but need know all of it bfore i drive. Am sure im not only person who isnt 100% them

Well done and congratulations on passing your C+E Davy1111.

The future is bright, the future is artic…go and get that job now.

We’ll done mate. Excellent feeling when he said you passed eh.

Brillant feeling simon mate cheers. Cant stop smileing lol

Thanks maneman :smiley:

Top man, well done. Guess you did that reverse nice n slowly! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Cheers andy mate. Yes i took the reverse advice and got it 1st go no shunts. Thanxs mate :smiley:

Well done Davy!

Well done . Which firm did you train with ?

Ni express i did mines with fantastic training school called lloyds training here in belfast. Brillant people there. Kevin my trainer was fantastic good laugh and very good trainer. Girl louise there is one of the owners lovely girl. If your thinking about yourself give them wee look on google.