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My story is I was sitting in my van in Brighton and 12 months into my cheese business it was not going well not even making 2-300£ a week I looked out the rainy window at a brand new brakes lorry it looked cool and big thought back to my childhood and how much I loved going to notting hill carnival with my dad as a kid and looking at all the lorrys with the music and parade etc I thought that’s me driving that lorry down that carnival so I got my phone my phone out I typed in to google hgv training school one come strait to the top so I uploaded the site. Glossy and earn big money wowser call us free phone so called them they were on me like a fish to bait they gave me the massive shortage spiel then you get the 36k a year. Ok they did tell me some of the facts which was useful so I continued to the payment which they arranged finance for. great so we are all set. Later on I was looking at the other schools etc found a article by a news paper about how a certIn company now gone bust had a student go in with bomb strapped to him and created in a siege in the call hgv room and how customers were unable to contact the company and could not get there training. So I STARTED TO BRICK IT I stayed up to 4am and could not sleep after that lol I googled the company’s directors that was involved and found out that the same directors are now running the company I booked with so I automatically thought I have been done so I phoned the finance company first to see if I can get my money back they said phone the broker.
So I spoke to the manager I said what’s all this about and actually he put me at ease and explained the whole thing and actually I felt a bit sorry for them but I suppose there are two sides to every story I got the brokers story. They paid for my course to the actual school and have been helpful throughout even today my training school finished my lessons early so I lost some time I contacted them and they fixed it all pronto so hats off for that

What I don’t like is
They sell you up like it’s the best thing ever you are told the shortage sent letters from big company’s who are gagging for new blood then you research and find out most places want the two years experience they don’t sell you that. They offer you a interview with there partners but I found most of there partners are 1 hour from my house which means cost of fuel to get to work which comes of my wages.

They make out at first they have there own centres no where on there website do they say they outsource it. Which is misleading

They charge you 30–50% more than the place they are out sourcing the work to.

If you fail you can’t then book direct so then trapped to there prices

They called me probably 20-30 times pressuring me to take the CE which I am so glad I did not do as Im just doing class 1 first get some experience in that first

Sales world and google high rankers big money makers I’ve seen there books on company’s house they are making a lot of dosh

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