C.B in a 61 reg FH?

Found the coax coil straight away, sellotaped to the inside of the blank panel above and to the right of the tacho, now just need the power. I did find a white and a grey/black wire together that look like they need a spade connector to slot into them, 12 or 24volt??
just wondering if anyone knows where to wire up to. id rather plug into something not being used as the motor is leased so dont wanna leave a mess when it goes back… cheers in advance.

Borrow a multi meter to test those wires you’ve found.


there is none some of the spare wires are for marker lights ,easier to tap of small light in corner through a dropper to cb ,if you use scotch blocks to the light wiring when you come to take it out doesn,t leave the wiring in a mess . hope this helps

cheers lads.