Business Insurance

I know we have probably been here before but can any of you good admin people out there help me on this one. I run myself as a ltd company I know I drive on the companies insurance that hires me but do I need any other ie Business, Public Liability or Accident, I know Public Liability is a grey area as the goods are not mine, I have read that even if you have one employee you need business insurance but as I am the only employee does that mean me, (perhaps I should and sue myself yay retirement) but seriously can anybody give the answer. Before I get earache about ltd companies it works for me and Im making more money than paye or agency.

Public liability isn’t for the goods, Goods In Transit insurance covers those. Public liability is for things like you leaving your workbag on the floor and someone falls over it and breaks their neck.

For employers insuring employees that’s Employers Liability Insurance which again is not public liability.

Thanks Connor sorry its the way I worded it was more thinking if i dropped the load on someone or pushed a pallet of and damaged someone property rather than in transit.