Buses only Cameras

Got a phone call today from an agency i worked with over the last few week… Anyway sounds like i went through a bus only zone, I cant even remember doing it to be honest, it happened in Sheffield city centre, I always watch out for things like that and have a full clean licence… Cant even remember doing it although i do remember a few weeks ago i was delivering around Sheffield city centre, £30 fine and no points, Any advice on what i should do (pay the fine i hear you say), Crikey a weight limit on a bridge one week and now this week a bus lane… Maybe i need to go to Spec savers… But it just got me thinking, when us truck drivers are delivering in unkown areas and looking for our delivbery address, i think it is very easy to take a wrong turn by mistake, i would never knowingly do this… Comments welcome…

Not always easy for a driver to split concentration on many things at once - we are all human and our senses can only do so much.

As long as SAFETY is always the priority and the main concentration is focussed on that then the rest has to taken second place

Accept the fine use the incident as a learning experience :slight_smile:

London is terrible for it, lots of CCTV cameras on poles trying to catch you on box junctions and bus lanes and residential area weight limits etc.

If you think you have a genuine case I’d contest it. I got a yellow box fine for having about 2’ of the trailer overhanging the box and not blocking anything. The FPN told me it was captured on CCTV. I suggested that they actually watched it to see how long I’d had to wait to get the gap that almost big enough. I never heardany more.

if you can’t remember, ask to see the pic. just in case they have their days wrong or maybe there were no signs up. you have a right tosee evidence before paying.

I suppose one way of avoiding these FPN’s is to drive through all city centres at walking pace. That way it gives you more opportunity to read the 1001 signs that adorn most roads.

It might cause a bit of congestion but it should save you some money. It will probably defeat the object of half the restriction signs.

If you do contest it, suggest to the council that they ban pedestrians from the city centre, in order that you can give your undivided attention to reading the vast array of signs, without fear of running down a few mothers with buggies.

did you drive down this street in sheffield at all??

a couple of my drops are about that area wicker, seen loads of trucks go through the bus route, I nearly did when it first got redone around that area…

London is terrible for it, lots of CCTV cameras on poles trying to catch you on box junctions and bus lanes and residential area weight limits etc.

I find it hard to believe they’re employing poles in london with cctv cameras on their heads to try and catch drivers on box junctions. :laughing:

Try asking for the evidence and give them your point of entry to Sheffield and your delivery address and ask for a route avoiding the restricted road. If there ain’t one…

I’ve done tosco right in the middle of town, what a place avoiding the tram tracks!