Bullying in the workplace

1st of all howdi long time no speak :slight_smile:

Now then to the point, can this be classed as bullying in the workplace

I have been working for an owner driver on contract to a well known UK Haulier(no names at this stage) for the last 10 months working 6am - 4pm now last friday this uk haulier decided to change my hours from monday and pretty much double my workload since this change the workload has become totally unachievable and im failing jobs left right and centre because there isnt enough hours in the day (they only pay 10 hours)

Now the bullying or what i would imagine is bullying is that the company give me all the delivery and collection notes to do in whichever order i choose and just say do your best and keep in touch BUT throughout the day the phone is constantly ringing and the conversation goes pretty much like “You’ve got to do this job its mega important” or “that job failed yesterday so its got to be done” Take for instance yesterday the truck was full to the back doors and they were trying to pressure me into doing one more collection which i couldnt do as i didnt have the room unless i did one more delivery which i point blank refused to do as it would of took me over my 10 hours which meant i would of been working for free (big no no in my book)

Then the work that has failed that day gets tagged on the next day so it starts all over again causing undue stress and anger which i dont need

This company only uses contractors and has a nasty habit of throwing people of site for not carrying out there demands

Now some of you will say just quit the job and i think its quite possibly heading that way which is a pity as the O/D i work for is a top bloke but his hands are tied at the moment and me quitting would drop him in it.

So would the above be described legally as Harrasment or bullying and if so how do i prove it ■■?


As they are not your employer i doubt very much you would have a strong case, have you told your boss (The O/D) what is going on?
Tell him that they are pushing you to hard and you cant do the work, if they throw you off site, make sure you do a big ■■■ on the transport managers desk.

I would have a talk with your BOSS, first and ask him to check what you have been doing,WHY this will give you both the chance to see what
WORK which can not be done legally,
IF you have any records from the trips before the present situation and those from now ,TRY doing a list with the mileages between the drops
to see how far and how long this has taken

the above are only a few suggestions ,but unfortunatly this happens with

sub-comtractors,they will all ways be missused as the other guy wishes only to see one thing at the end of the and that is --PROFIT

1st of all Simon welcome back ( long time no read)2nd and most importantly,the o/d that you work for will know what the contract you are doing is like( he signed the thing)He will know because he has to price the job.At the end of the day Simon you can only do what you can do,you are human and if they ( the company your contracted to) don’t like it then that is tough,if they want you to break the law in any shape size or form ask them to give it in writting.( they won’t ,trust me)personnelly speaking i’d turn phone off and just get on with what you gotta do and if they say anything just tell them phone did not ring,there must be something up with it. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Worked for a bloke a few years ago,nice enough fella and he had good office staff who were well on top of the job.Now and again he’d have a day in the office and CHRIST did you knowit! The phone never stopped ringing.One day I went back the office gave him my keys,tachos and fuel card and told him I was finished. Give him his due he asked why and I TOLD him! He was OK about it and knew he was like that so we kissed and made up.The difference with this lot is their taking the ■■■■.Your guv’nor KNOWS that. You have to let HIM know it’s not on or you’ll be looking for a job even though you like working for him. To go on a bit more I was helping a mate out on his wagon,same thing ,one man band subbing off scumbags whoi thought it was OK to ring me up constantly for no good reason. Before I told them to go forth and multiply I told my mate to tell them and he did, it made all the difference :wink:

Welcome back simon :smiley: Sorry to hear your news
of bullying and as the rest have said speak to your
boss the o/d and if nothing changes try and get
another job as you dont want or need the stress
they are putting you under.

Thanks for all the replies,I had a good long chat with the supervisor on thursday and an even longer (2hr) chat with the boss tonight and hopefully things will go back to normal now

Thanks again

You can only do what you can do…so i would tell them that if they want to load the thing to the back doors…they would only have to unload it again at the end of the day. Just tell them you value your licence…will not run over your hours at any cost…

Just [zb] him, with a capital T.