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After an international run to the GP-Strecke at the Nurburgring, the British Truck Racing Association headed to Donington Park this past weekend. The Summer Truckfest meeting was my first brush with truck racing, but it won’t be my last. Rikki has given me permission to post details of the meeting here with a link to my own website, where you can find more detailed information on the two days of the meeting.

The first session of the day was qualifying, topped by David Jenkins and David Smith. Jenkins drove his MAN TGA to a 0.240 second advantage over the #1 of Matt Summerfield, also an MAN. Smith on the other hand dominated second class in his Foden Alpha. The actual qualifying action took second string to a drama for the Iveco of Steven Powell however. Luckily, I was in the right spot to get the photo!

A turbo problem caused the truck to start smoking at Redgate, the first conrner at “Donny”. By the time he hit turn 2 there was a definite hint of orange in the smoke. By halfway down the Crainer Curves the fire had taken full hold and he was forced to abandon ship. He was forced back into the cab when the heat had burned through the brake lines. The truck continued to roll down the hill and pulled to a gentle halt in the Old Hairpin gravel trap.

20130817-IMG_2155 by, on Flickr

Nottingham Recovery took centre stage when the session was abandoned early and the wreckage was loaded onto an FH12 heavy wrecker.

A 2-2-1 formation handed all the victories to MAN. David Jenkins and Matt Summerfield had two each with Steve Thomas’ TGX entry grabbing the other class 1 victory. It was Thomas and Stuart Oliver who gave us one of the most thrilling finishes of the meeting, including the Caterham and Legends support package. The TGA came out of the final corner with a TGX engine TGS just along side. The power of the TGX put the Thomas liveried truck ahead by an axel when the flag was flown at the end of the race.

The other big event of the meeting was a clash at the first corner in class 1 during the final race of the day. The Renault Premium of Luke Taylor, an ex-FIA European Championship machine, came screaming into Redgate, a massive lock up left the Premium out of control and Taylor hammered Ben Horne’s MAN TGA into a spin. Extensive damage to the front end of the Renault turned out to be cosmetic, but Nottingham Recovery once again took the fore to grab the stricken MAN and return it to the team for an early pack up.

20130817-IMG_2194 by, on Flickr

In class 2 the question of if the tipper boys have it right was answered in the crucible of motorsport. Seven sessions run and six top spots for David Smith’s #11 Selor Transport sponsored machine was a more than suitable result. Especially as the only session which wasn’t a case of Foden to the fore was the non-competitive warm up, when the team didn’t even start the engine!

Behind the Foden the results sheets looked more like a service diary for a Renault and Iveco dealer. Reid took a second and two thirds but the other two races ended in wrecker rides. The same was true for the Powell brothers, brake issues stopped Graham on in races one and five, while problems in the morning on Sunday put the Renault bodied ERF into the garage for the first two races and it didn’t even grid up.

20130817-IMG_2501 by, on Flickr

Steven’s fire in qualifying benched the Iveco for Saturday and a retirement in race four left only a fourth place finish to stem the depression. The #54 machine limped across the line in the final clash and returned to the trailer on the back of the most famous wreckers in motorsport.

The Volvo White of Brian Burt was a mechanical disaster area, one assumes there is more White than Volvo in the mix. A second and third place kept the Volvo in championship contention but there was little else to please the Powertrucks International liveried wagon.

Full articles on both days of action are available on

Day 1:
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Summer Truckfest: Best of the bunch.

Over a hundred show trucks turned out on Sunday for the big event, which included two laps of the track behind the course car. The vast majority of the show fleet were at the site for the whole weekend which allowed drivers and general truck lovers plenty of time to take a proper look at them. The best of the bunch are below but there are 72 photos on Flickr:

By far the biggest fleet supporter of the event was Jeffreys Haulage who not only brought a quintet of MAN TGXs but a 12 plate and 13 plate Stralis which gave a chance to see just how similar the two trucks are!

20130818-IMG_3200 by, on Flickr

Mercedes were under-represented with just one MP4 Actros, five older Actros and the organiser’s Axor. Adam Jones Transport had two normal Actros (Actrai, Acrosses?) and the pride of the fleet, a sliver 09 plate with more chrome and lights you can shake a stick at. Pride of the Mercedes fleet at the event was the black MP4 with gothic airbrush art and just a bit too much chrome for my tastes. Still it was impressive as hell and bested the blue and gold older V8 640 which would otherwise have taken the three pointed star’s crown.

20130818-IMG_3255 by, on Flickr

Barry Proctor also made a good attempt at claiming the DAF crown but it’s 105.510 was overshadowed by the presence of 9 DGD, David G Davies and Son’s predominantly white, mono-chrome airbrushed new XF. The well-known Stalone-ed CF car transporter also put up a fight but just judging by the crowds, the new kid on the block took the prize. Massey Feeds also had a CF with a mini-Mid lift and a kiddies wagon and drag which had “aaaaaw appeal”.

20130818-IMG_3180 by, on Flickr

Don’t worry Volvo fans, there was enough Swedish steel to keep you happy. A nice plain hiab equipped wagon and drag was an understated stunner and headed the FM field while the FH battle was pitched between a brace of brand new trucks and older FHs from Massey, Hulse and Aylestone.

20130818-IMG_3131 by, on Flickr

In this scrap I can’t decide, so why not head over to the Flickr gallery and make up your own mind?

Scania. No I am not stupid enough to leave out the Scanny and there were more V8s in attendance than a NASCAR race. MJS had two, Barwells also brought a brace of eights, Meek from Rochdale had a nice plain example on which every panel was a mirror! I R Lewton. Daughter and Sons took the prize through with the blue and pink stunner in a Bad Boys motif.

20130818-IMG_3147 by, on Flickr

Tipper lovers were sated by a brace of Scanias from S.L. Davenport’s Bardon Aggregates fleet. There was a Foden to enjoy too.

20130818-IMG_3186 by, on Flickr

ERF was no contest what so ever. LRY 240 was the runaway winner. Just as in Peterbuilt where the only contestant was the star of the whole show.

20130818-IMG_3134 by, on Flickr

20130818-IMG_3148 by, on Flickr

Bugger, missed it this year…

Went last year, was a good day out :grimacing:

The series is at Snetterton next weekend, Sunday and Monday.

Trucks, Pick Ups, Legends cars, (5/8 Ford Pops with a 1250 Suzuki engine iirc) Caterhams and SaxMaxx.

Plus funfair, mini Truckfest and truck parade on Monday.

If the gents at Brands get their finger out I will be covering that one too. Just need to get the boss to agree to me taking the truck with me. It may only be a Midlum 7.5t but it has a bunk and a night heater. I can tell you from Donny, nighting out in a Citroen C3 isn’t fun.

was there all weekend with 2 of my trucks, no pictures of either of them though :frowning:

Didn’t know this was on until it was on Facebook last night ,wouldn’t of minded taking me unit round .

was there all weekend with 2 of my trucks, no pictures of either of them though :frowning:

You still with RMC? I don’t remember seeing any RMC liveried XFs.


was there all weekend with 2 of my trucks, no pictures of either of them though :frowning:

You still with RMC? I don’t remember seeing any RMC liveried XFs.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

i still OWN RMC :wink:

i was there with the white XF (liveried) and a plain white 57 plate MAN TGA XXL (unliveried), parked between the RCL Scania R series and the Hawkins renault Magnum, next to the RCL Scania was the white Foden 8 wheeler tipper, then the Aylestone Volvo’s

i still OWN RMC :wink:

i was there with the white XF (liveried) and a plain white 57 plate MAN TGA XXL (unliveried), parked between the RCL Scania R series and the Hawkins renault Magnum, next to the RCL Scania was the white Foden 8 wheeler tipper, then the Aylestone Volvo’s

Sorry boss!

I think I missed you. When I was in Paddock 3 I was looking for specific shots. :frowning:

Will you be at Snett or Brands? Ill come a’huntin’.

can’t do either of those, although, i will more than likely be at Newark and Peak

Ill see what I can do!

There were a lot of agricultural tractors racing too :wink:

Will hopefully be at Snetterton on Monday providing the ole doris & sprogs behave!


Nice shot wheelnut. Dunlop Straight??

Daz, what will you be driving, Ill swing past.

Additional photos from the snapper I was working with for Trucking Magazine : They are only from the truck parade on Sunday though and none are of Shuttlespankers wagons. Sorry.