Brussels parking

Hi folks anyone know any good spots in Brussels to park an 18tonner for a few days? Closer too the city center the better :slight_smile:

Many thanks!

You are allowed to park trucks in or near the center.As long as a fire hydrant or entrance is not blocked off by the truck.
I asked a Policeman in Brussels.
The old part of the city has character and medieval buildings.
The bars and nightlife are around the big square with lots of side streets to explore.
Nobody will touch the truck.
I was weekended on a motorway service area and got the bus to the city which ran near the service area.

I have found a good spot to park.It is the roads around a large park and i have seen coaches park at one end of the park.
City center is walkable from the park.
There is a museum called The Royal Armed Forces Museum.
The address for that is Parc du Cinquantentaire postcode 1000.You will have to drive around the area a few times to find a parking place.
On the way in,you may see the European Union headquarter building.
When coming off the ring roads,just follow any city center signs.
Be careful of Lefe beer,some are 9% abv.
One or two of those are very strong.
They love pancakes and waffles.Chips with mayo.
To save money,eat where the locals eat.
Near the tourist areas,the prices are higher.

Thanks very much mate looks like a good spot from the map I will go there tomorrow and have a drive round and report back. Thanks for the warning too had a few of those beers before lethal stuff!

Prepare to see men walking around with hand bags or man bags.Hope the park area will be ok.The streets around that area are big enough for parking.
On the way in,you.may find somewhere else.

Toby…you should get yourself a new job as a travel writer for the Lonely Planet…or T&D!! :laughing: Toby`s guide on where to stay, what to eat, where to swim,cycle and who to eat with!! Keep em coming Tobes! :laughing: :laughing: :wink:

This spot is very good mate thanks for the advice! Plenty too see round here and so many hotties :wink: