BRS 60 show

popped down to the 60 years of BRS show this morning and took some pics so here goes

What I find extraordinary at gatherings like that,is the fact we used to drive things like that,with no creature comforts,and just get on with it.

Nowadays,if it hasn’t got a plethera of luxuries,then people refuse to drive it.

Nice pics by the way.


Just think of the poor newbie driving the three wheeler scammel.
:laughing: Your allowed to urinate on the near side front tyre. :laughing:

I see the weather added a bit of authenticity, great pictures anyway.

Must be a pain cleaning all the mud off your pristine vintage motor.

to say it was damp was an understatement, but it was rather enjoyable , and the wife was rather taken by the little scamell three wheeler ,I’d of settled for one of the octopus’s or the scammell tanker

good set of pictures Andydisco. takes me back abit.
gotta agree with Quinny re “extras and luxuries”.
bet if we still had them on the road today we wouldn’t be getting many new drivers

As an old BRS driver, I enjoyed looking at the photos.
Thank you!

I started BRS on the 20’ Albion rigid & then went on to the 24’ Leyland Comet artic. Good snaps ;I musta bin bonkers!! :laughing:

I never drove for BRS but always envied the uniform - flat cap and a greatcoat :open_mouth: :laughing: :laughing:
Applied to the Nottingham depot on Wells Road when I came back from OZ. The man asked me to tell him the route from there to Manchester and, caught off guard after so long away I hesitated before replying. Just long enough for him to say ‘no thanks’. :cry:
My only other connection was Uncle George who had his own small haulage firm on the IoW before nationalisation and went on to spend his career managing their depot on the island, never taking his firm back when he was able to. My Dad used to do the odd drive for him during student holidays just after the war.

The bloke in the Hi-viz should have been shot for treason :smiley:

Nice lorry pics though :stuck_out_tongue:

you still on the “tom&■■■■” wheelnut ?

r slicker:
you still on the “tom&■■■■” wheelnut ?

:open_mouth: Yes. Im being treated for Beri Beri now, just in case.

I have had more blood taken than Tony Hancock. My skin glows with the x rays and my arm leaks now.

could be worse mate. you could have nobbys like a bunch of grapes like me :astonished:

brilliant pics worked for BRS 3 times twice at blackburn depot and once at consett depot best job ever no bent running and payed the rate some rubbish motors but that didn’t matter always plenty of time to do the job and your work was arranged for you, oh happy days thanks harry long retired.

I was at the 60 show myself, very interesting, I spent many a time in the BRS depot as a kid in the 50’s, would i go back, yes in a heartbeat, proper lorry driving. I miss roping and sheeting.

The hero that owns the Scammell Scarb actually drove it from Bristol to the show. What a brilliant day much appreciated by an old BRS man. Plans are already afoot for a re-run in 2010. We thought the 65th anniverary was too long to wait.

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