brit european bv

i just stumbled upon them advertising again, the same add as a few years ago, via the friends reunited jobs bit.

Do a search on here for them - is it for the carpet work of transporters?


yes carpets try talking to BRIT EUROPEAN
in STOKE on TRENT , they do tankers,
and transporters as well as THE FRIDGES
BEERS; They still come over here,

the job can have its moments
basically ok but ruined by inept traffic planning
450 take home
choice of multi drop with kooi aap or bulk which is only 1-3 drops a day
every 3 weeks to yard there for a couple of days sorting truck and doing collections
mostly running legal but anything crossing the channel can lead to long days
just do what you can
if they dont like it tough they can send the p45 in the post (eventually :laughing: )

expect 4 nights out time at home a bonus

i dont really fancy that anyhow as i remember years ago when my dad worked for woodside haulage delivering carpets with a box and having to pull them of with a rope onto those silly 2 wheel trolleys, he must of had dozens of rolls, but some drops didnt have forklifts so you can imagine the handball :open_mouth: unless its changed.

but brit euro dont accept people without left ■■■■■■ exp.

kooi aap is a forklift its at the back of the truck
actually a boom truck