grew up there and always said id go back one day and as the jobs are very scarse where i am i wondered what the job situation is like there.
ive still got relatives there whod put me up till i got a place of my own so other than job id be o.k . yate area would be best [i know its not really bristol but its near enough.
do brakes still have a depot, did have a big sign for vacancies ,what other firms is there .ta

Brakes have a depot at Yate, plus another one at Bradley Stoke.

Tesco are at Magor and Chepstow.

Asda are at Chepstow and Portbury.

Co-Op are at Portbury.

Sainsbury’s are at Emerson’s Green.

Morrisons are at Yate.

DHL (SOE) are at Bradley Stoke.

Royal Mail are at Filton and Pilning.

Focus are at Pilning.

NFT are at Patchway.

Plus there are a load of others down at Avonmouth (British Bakeries, Bibby, NYK, etc.)

There’s quite a lot down here, but the cost of living is also quite high. Housing is a particular problem - unless you’ve already got some capital you can use from another house (or a lot of savings), you’re unlikely to be able to buy anything on a driver’s wage.

there are always loads of bristol jobs advertised mate on job centre plus.

also alot of haulage companies around the area,

plus a few companies serving the docks at avonmouth and portbury