Brick Grab work

Ok…so I’ve been using the Hiab for a while now on timber with the hook and strops and I think I’ve pretty much got the general idea sussed now.

In my new job I’m gonna be using a Brick Grab though and although I’m gonna be trained again I just wondered if anybody had any advice in general regarding it.

Hi Andyroo,

Using the brick grab is very easy. When picking up bricks make sure you squeeze the bricks or blocks as much as the grab will allow and preferably at the bottom of the packs. Also don’t try to pick up four way pallets with the brick grab because it will crush the pallet. Make sure you cetralise the grab on the packs or the load will be unstable when lifting.
Ensure the Grab rubbers themself are secure on the actual grab itself as on my crane they are held on by brass pins that tend to fall out now and again which can be rather dangerous if they fall off.

Anymore questions I will be happy to answer :smiley:

sounds like you got out of that timber yard :laughing: :laughing: :sunglasses: :wink:

congrats on the new job mate :sunglasses: hope it goes well for you :stuck_out_tongue:

Another point with bricks, they are commonly only strapped in one direction, so always grab the pack from the same sides as the forklift would lift them, ie where the holes are. Otherwise they can fall out in mid air. Also, remember that the forklift may have to move them later, so stack them with the holes facing somewhere the forkie can get to (unless he ■■■■■■ you off of course :wink: ) If the grab uses foot pedals, keep your feet away once you’ve grabbed the stack, and check it’s the right pedal before using it. Especially if using more than one vehicle. They can (and do) change functions around, even on identical models !

andy also try to keep hold of a roll of shrink wrap in the cab
as this can come in handy one day if the bandsreak on the bricks…

Thanks for all the tips, the shrink wrap one especially…I doubt they’d tell me that on the training course.

If it’s anything like timber the bands will break I guess, our packs of plywood always have at least one band gone.