Breaking things at work

I’m innocent… :astonished: :astonished:

Ok, well, obviously not this time.

It started yesterday when I was pulling onto the M40 near Cherwell. Was doing the “loop” onto the Northbound section, into roadworks when I noticed the cab was rapidly filling with smoke. Needless to say I panicked. :angry:

There was no hard shoulder and as the only major thing I could recall that was there was the fusebox for the vehicle, I decided it was time to visit the roadworks. Lights on, pulled in and hurried around to the passenger side. Which for me was actually on the offside with UK traffic on this truck.

Opening the door revealed even more smoke and I narrowed it down to the battery powerpack (12v) I had. Later transpired an earth and live wire had met and, er, um, well. It wasn’t the truck burning down around me. But I still had a burnt box :frowning:

Trundled slowly through the roadworks. Stopped off with the work crew, who were confused as they hadn’t ordered a cherrypicker…

They understood my worrys though after I explained so spent the next 3 miles at 25mph, then back onto the motorway. End of an eventful day? No.

Having got back to the depot I decided to wash the truck. It was a bit dirty. Spent about 10 minutes wheeling out pressure washer, hooked it up and straightened the hose. Found the soap, and…

Oh, it’s pumping fresh water into the soap bucket :frowning: Seems the soap system wasn’t working, so shut it down and used the large washbrush on a stick to soap up the cab, the side panels, and the front part of the boom. Didn’t fancy getting the ladder out so just did those bits. Quite pleased I’d got that far, so fired up the steam cleaner to rinse it off…

Oh. It doesn’t work… Hmm.

Transpires it trips the rest of the circuit too. Just happens to be the day the insurance company are validating our electrical stuff, so they do a few checks and decide to, er, well. It’s condemmed. :astonished: :banghead:

Hose isn’t long enough, soap drying on, and the only thing available is throwing buckets of water over the truck and boom to wash it.

Pity the engineering apprentice was standing nearby :astonished: :astonished:

Still. The boss was nice when I explained.

I’ve been sent to felixstowe in the 4x4 cherrypicker. Top speed of 50mph, so it should take me about 4-5 hours to get there…

So I’d best get to work. I’m due there for 1030 :sunglasses: