Brands Hatch Truck show

Here is some of the interesting stuff fron the Brands Hatch Truck Show, the last show of the season held with the Truck Super Prix on the weekend of November 5th.
Phil Nash’s Peterbilt 352H and 5th wheel camper

The winner of the American section, the new owner of this monster has a large gang of polishers on hand, and boy does he need them!

This Mack is beautiful, but the sleeper is so small, you’d have to sleep on your side.

This was placed second, David Wearing’s lovely 1979 Peterbilt 359

This KW wrecker has the monica “Captain Hook”

This 1975 Kenworth model A is just so right!

A great weekend was had, and after all the racing was over we got to parade around te track, something I’d never have got to do if it were not for owning a show truck. Happy days!

tramper does paul scase still own the blue n white pete with the big sleeper
nice pics aswell mate :wink:

No Paul has sold the rig to a real nice guy , unfortunately I didn’t manage to catch his name. I beleive he intends to keep showing the Pete and using it for promo work. Its a nice rig but too much hard work for me to be honest.

Wonderful pictures and the one of the wrecker

CAPTAIN HOOK does bring back memories this

wrecker has been in one of the trucker mags many years


Nice pics :smiley: