Brakes Class 1 nights

Hello Everybody,
Do you guys know anything about Brakes HGV1 on nights, salary or hourly rate, shift length, overtime available,good company to work for…■■?
Cheers chaps

Used to do it on agency years ago, so can’t help much, but my job was to run from the old Rochdale depot to Bellshill, put it on a bay, go sit in the canteen / get head down in there if possible, then drive back to Rochdale, fuel up truck and trailer and park it on a bay - sometimes drop it, sometimes leave it hooked up.

Was an easy job, around 12hrs +/-, but probably a bit less from Warrington, no idea on other depots around the country though.
Should imagine it’ll be similar elsewhere and quite an easy job

Thanks waynedl
Anyone with a more up to date info on permanent nights class 1■■

Few mates who work for them and it seems a mixed picture ,one left as really stressed out with job ,others seem fine , I don’t think they do a lot of hours ,mate said he does drop and backkhaul,same run every night ,one mate threatened to leave as he does 3 nights ,fri- sun ,only wants 30 hrs ( due to Mrs being ill and getting worse :frowning: and did a few hours over that but now resolved .
I had a job offer but on days ,Thursday- mon ,2 years roughly ago ,didn’t go as do Tuesday - sat now and didn’t want 2 days at w/end ( they did say I could change shifts as and when a vacancy became available ) ,
Shifts + 7/8 k p.a ( it was round about that ) less wages made me stay ( I did a lot more hours than them for the money than I think they do .
Shifts though really ,I’d done years of sat& sun and didn’t want it anymore ,but it is a descision I now regret .
N.b done agency there years ago ,nights was steady then ,and from what I gather from mates it’s ok now ,days services but do it a few times and it was straightforward enough

Thanks waynedl
Anyone with a more up to date info on permanent nights class 1■■

I do the brakes nights on agency as my favourite job. I’m on it this week and all…
It’s nice not to get kicked out of your cab whilst on a bay. None of this ■■■■■■■■ you get with other firms being “confined to the cooler” and then having to take a 45 in the service road 'cos there hasn’t been an opportunity earlier to get your break in… Much more relaxed atmosphere, although I’d suggest one does need to know what one is doing at all times of course.