Bradford,s boys

there must be a lot out there.when i started for roy in the 80,s the o/d,s where chris hooper,gavin,alan(red leader 1)woods,roy axle,jimmy hassan,the drivers dave buttons,young phil,big t,the rat,graham mitchel,dirty ■■■■.steve wright,the prof,and one or two others,our main work at that time was fords to istanbul and wine from bulgaria.and olso textiles from one trip three of us were tipped in istanbul waiting for dirty ■■■■ and roy axlewe got a telex from roy to load in italy and that the permits would be at the national in belgrade,we were low on diesel so me and roy went via romania to fill up with derv and told ■■■■ to wait atthe national till we got there,on arriving in yugo ■■■■ wasn,t there and no permits,we managed to borrowsome and went to load got back to u.k and tipped,back at the yard roy bradford went mad at us ■■■■ had got drunk in the national and phoned roy at 3 in the morning and told him we had left him.he also left 1 permit and ecmt book on the windowsill in the national,he was on the swiss/german border out of money and diesel and it was our fault for leaving him :laughing: :laughing:

Oi Gerry
Now your talking !!! Those kind of scenarios were a regular occurance.
I remember one trip, ■■■■ had one of Roys supercube tilts and was heavy as usual.He managed to get close to the national having had eleven blowouts on the trailer !!!
He got some tyres from Jugsped or somewhere and they impounded him and the truck at the customs by the station until money got sent out to pay for the tyres. Imagine that!! All that free time and slivovich …mi mi mi mi Kailinka Kailinka…RIP ■■■■.

where are they all now? does anyone know where roy is these days ?tried all phone numbers no longer good.big mitch is working with me at ttx ian powling(jaws) is working for the london opera,kenny relf is driving in oldham tony smith is on for bentons,the rabbit is on for est,isuppose many have retired :smiley: :laughing: