Does anyone know what bougheys pay structure as friend has applied and changed pay structure lately I think any help be appriectied.

someone here must work for them

use a tissue and dont eat them is best.

Sorry can’t help with your query.

Although their yard is near me, the kits decent and on the ball, and I’ve queried myself if I would work there. That at least is a good sign because Iam a Fussy bugger.

When I went on a MAN driving course for a dcpc session the above company was mentioned, they use the telematics on the truck which rates a-g. They said that if a driver gets 3 g ratings in six months they have to have a re training session. True!, don`t know but it what was said, we deliver into there yard at Wardle and the kit always looks top notch and nobody seems to be stressed or in a rush.