Boring jobs

What’s the most boring job you’ve ever had, but stick at it because the money, etc is good? Trucking or otherwise.

Working at a pot pouri factory. I say factory but it was actually an old pig farm and the pens had been filled with dried flowers and my job was to pour perfume over them with a watering can and mix them up with a fork. Went home smelling like a poofters parlour. I did 1 day and told the agency to ram it.

petrol tankers. same routine 2 or 3 times a day 5 days a week. stuck it for 8 years then lucky to get voluntary redundancy.

tosco/sains/agency work…made myself stick it for a couple of years to see if i could adapt,but just couldnt stand the chronic tedious beancounting boredom.the abuse from other road users didnt bother me apart from having them think i was a fanny,whereas having to work under the instructions of idiots in the slowest possible fashion did.just mind numbing irritating boredom for me.

My present job is the most boring I have ever had and I have had a few, I sit on board this boat for a month at a time and maybe actually do something for about 2 days a week on average but the money can’t be bettered. I would rather be on the go all the time for less I’m beginning to think. perhaps I should get a hobby :frowning:

I had a days trial at Thorntons,putting chocolates into trays it not what I saw myself doing long term. I did 1 day.

I did a few runs to the Dyson factory awhile back and to see the workers just sitting there putting the same part in the same place as the cleaners came past on the conveyor belt for all of their shift made me wonder if they were human or a robot made up to look like one.

Stacked shelves in Tesco for 15 years at night , soul destroying!!.

before I got my class1 sitting in a noisy factory on a chair operating a guillotine with a foot pedal,all you could hear was BANG BANG BANG from the bxxxxy thing,mind you I only stuck it for two days and told them to shove it,funny thing is the op has got me thinking about boring jobs and what I have done and I was thinking although I moan about hgv driving when you look at it, it really is a decent job,money could be better but I reckon I am more lucky than most,out in the open,lovely scenery,stopping when you like [providing the drop is done]how many in offices/factorys can put their head back when they feel tired,and although we are controlled by tracker and mobile phones we still don’t have the bossman standing over our shoulder watching our work,so yeah I may moan but end of the day not a bad job

Had a warehouse job I did for more years than I’d admit because the money was cracking. Like 35k for 37 hours.

I did roadworks recovery for a while. The novelty of watching daytime tv only lasts for so long though. The longest I did between callouts was just over two weeks! Got to the point I was gonna start dropping nails on the road just for something to do!

Agency sent me into a factory that made dustbins, I had to take the lids of a conveyor belt and stack them on a pallet, I got offered a permanent job by morning break, done a runner at lunch time and never returned.

Had a warehouse job I did for more years than I’d admit because the money was cracking. Like 35k for 37 hours.

Just shy of a grand an hour…did you have to do the 37 hours all at once or could you stretch it out over the year? :grimacing:

the job I’ve got now working at jaguar land rover.

All i do is pull the door cabling through and clip it in…300 times every shift.

its mind numbingly boring but the lads and lasses are good craic and I’m earning more than I ever will driving for a living.

I used to work at Toyota near Derby, how I lasted 5 years I’ll never know. A car entered your work area and was there for 83 seconds before the next one was rolling in so the 83 seconds worth of work you just completed had to be done all over again… For 10/12 hours a day :open_mouth:

Jobs are what you make them:

My MIL, before she retired, spent all day in a ‘clean’ room, packing sterile needles - about the most boring repetitive task you could imagine. She was happy though because she was well paid for sitting at a table all day, chatting to her mates. They got plenty of breaks and it was air conditioned too.

I used to know a chap who worked on the line at Solihull. I asked him if he didn’t get bored bolting the front nearside wheels on land rovers all day. He said not - he worked with a good bunch of mates and they spent all day talking and kidding around. He never had to even think about what he was doing.

Same with driving - Where I last worked they had an old boy who did the same run every day - five days a week - he saw it as getting paid to drive a nice 3 axle MAN around some pretty Herefordshire countryside and have a good craik with his mates. Collecting and delivering was, sort of, incidental. I filled in for him when he was on holiday and although I could see his point, I like a bit more variety.

Used to work on the cable cars at Alton Towers. Did it for 5 years in total. The job was boring as hell but worked with a great bunch of lads none of them cared about the job either so we had a right giggle.

What’s the most boring job you’ve ever had, but stick at it because the money, etc is good? Trucking or otherwise.

Aerospace Job making these aluminium brackets for inside the wings of Airbus planes. 12 hour shifts and each one took about 15 minutes to make. All I had to do was load it into the machine and press start. Once running I de-burred some of the drill holes which took about 30 seconds. Then wait for the next 14 minutes or so. Three shifts starting Friday night.

But it paid £22.50 an hour so I stuck with it until they sacked me. I got so bored one night I fell asleep and some big wig was in and saw me.

Bye bye :smiley:

Making aeroplane components?

Thought the time would fly by…

My current job is pretty boring six loads a day between the same two places.
However the money’s ok and the hours fit round my family life so I can live with it.