Book on long distance run to Tashkent in early '90s

I don’t know if this book has been covered in previous posts on here, I have done a quick search and cannot see anything about it so here goes.
I am in the middle of reading “Road to Tashkent” by Andy Turnbull and find it a fascinating tale by a Canadian journalist who rode with a driver from Ralph Davies from Cheltenham, taking a load of computer equipment to Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan.
It’s good to get a different viewpoint on these long overland journeys than the usual one from drivers.
This guy is one of the few writers I have come across who appreciates the difficulties faced and dealt with by International drivers back in the day, placing them higher up the skills scale than pilots, yet looked down on by the general public as “just” lorry drivers.
The book is available in Kindle format from Amazon for £2.96, I don’t know whether it is available in normal book form, I have searched on Amazon and The Book Depository without success.
What’s your favourite trucking book?

sounds a great read , ill check amazon now , cookie

If you want the real thing ,no bull,pure transport in the early 1970s a drivers progression on to Middle East,read now on kindle or paper back "NOT ALL SUNSHINE AND SAND “PAUL ROWLANDS” you will not be disappointed get it on actually feel as if you are in the cab with him.

Got to agree with deckboypeggy on that that one, a cracking read.