Bolton brothers , truckstop

Bolton bros , great blakenham near Ipswich off A14

Just felt a bit of praise was due … went in here today for fuel , it’s actually a recycling centre but has fuel bunkering and a very good cafe :wink: :smiley:

good food I only had a bacon / sausage bap. But they had a very interesting menu ( to try another time in my case ) very clean and excellent toilets .
Young lady serving was very pleasant too :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh and overnight parking only £8 or so

Just thought a bit of good feedback was due shame there isn’t more places of this standard .
Cheers mike

Can you use SNAP to pay parking there.?

I did ask a mod to move this to the pro drivers forum :unamused:
I don’t know what snap means I’m afraid :confused:

Wasn’t he some sort of magic dragon :grimacing:

Snap is a list of parking places and transport yards where the driver does not pay to park.Just give them the number plate details and drivers name and the emplyoyer pays the parking on account.
One place i parked with Snap was on an old second world war air base on the runway by a chicken farm.
Most truckstops now accept Snap.They need more parking areas so email or call them with your suggestions and ideas for truck parking.