Bluetooth headset?

Now I’m driving for a living I need to get a bluetooth headset.Got to stay legal :sunglasses: :laughing:
Can anyone give me a idea of what one is best.
I did have a Sony HBH65 but it wasn’t comfortable plus the reception wasn’t all that but some one stole it :cry:

I used to have a Jabra BT250, And I would rate it. It had voice dial and would last for days without recharging.

Go to

They are doing a bluetooth headset for £17.99 and it works just fine.

I’ve got a Jabra - can’t remember the number but I think it’s a 250 (rubbery thing with a little blue plastic bit that sticks in your ear). Sound quality is good and it’s comfortable to wear. It stopped working after a couple of months but I got a replacement which is OK so far.

I’ve also got a Bluetrek as a backup. The sound quality isn’t quite as good and it’s uncomfortable and doesn’t stay in my ear properly.

I have a bluetrek G2 I agree about it not staying in the ear properly but as its loud enough it isnt a problem and its also lighter than the jabra which i had before sound quality seems equally good with either to me,and would recommend either although the jabra seems much better built i prefer the styling of the bluetrek though

Thanks guys,
I had a look at what other drivers have got & I would say that 70% of them had the Jabra & they all said its a good un :slight_smile:

Just a quick update :slight_smile:
I bought the Motorola HS850 £55.00 & the jabre BT250 £52.00 & thought sell what ever one I didn’t like.
The Motorola has really clear sound & folds away to nothing , the battery life is really good & voice dialling with it is a snap, the button on the side makes it really easy to answer a call,disconnect & last number redial.
The only downfull is that I seem to get a burning feeling on my ear after 4 to 5 hours & if you have to jump down from the back of the truck it doesn’t seem to hang on !!!
As for the Jabre the sound is cyrstal clear & you could do the Marathon without it falling off. Downside : bit bulky ,harder to answer a call with the answer button being on the back of the headset as oppose to the side & I found that if worn in the right ear looking right the headset catches on my shoulder.
All in all there both really good headsets compared to my HBH65.