Blow Out this mornin...... Scary as hell

Had both rear nearside Tyres blow out this mornin top of Saddleworth moor…M62 East Bound Just passed J22 8 am… ish

Both nearside rear tyres… BOOM

This is not my usual truck… its a 7.5 Tonne Daf 45 Box.

Me thinks it has been a regular culprit at being overloaded… not this morning had 2 pallets taken off to get under the Gross Weight…BEFORE MY GOODSELF SET OFF ( For Leeds ) Unbelievable one loader though 7.5 Tonne was the payload allowed … now thats SCARY!!! IM A DOUBLE DEFINATE CHECKER OF LOADS NOW !!!

Tyre distortion… chaffing together… lots of heat … expansion … BOOM Thats obviously whats happened ■■?

I ■■■■ myself… ".2 tonne of Haz Chem Freight on … luckily all stayed intact…

due to my secure strapping of the pallets loaded with 25 Litre Drums of mixed
Packing Group 2 and 3 … :exclamation: :exclamation: ( 2600 kg is the permissable payload)

if you have to put a star in to get past the auto censor that’s a clue it’s not allowed …Denis F

Scary stuff mate! :open_mouth: Ive had em go on trailers before now, proper wakes you up it does :smiley: :smiley: !!! Usuallt takes mud wing out as well

Had 2 sets of blowouts on 6 wheeler rears - company was using remoulds but it cost them so much in downtime, tyre & mudguard repairs that they went back to fitting new ones :exclamation:

It’s never happened to me…of course, now I’ve said that… :laughing:

I was once driving up the M1 from some foreign trip or other, dead of night when an Irish artic came flying past me. As his trailer got level with my cab, there was an almighty bang and one of his super singles, complete with wheel and hub departed the trailer, overtook me and whistled off over the hard shoulder and into a field. The driver must have been on a mission because no matter how much hooting and flashing of lights I gave him, he just popped his toe down a bit harder and disappeared into the distance!

Glad you (and everyone else) survived your big bang!

Luckily with quick reactions… and it only being a tiny truck and tiny tiny wheels !!! the Mudgaurd stayed on !!!

i have had a offside front go on a 7.5 tonne over loaded a lot on the total weight…made my heart go with a bit of a thud as bits of tyre hit the mudguard…truck was a old ford cargo 811 with 5 pallets on each weighing a ton. :open_mouth:

Had a front O/s tyre blow on the F88 on the way to Dover many many moons ago. The driver of an estate car alongside me, pulled in front of me as I guided it onto the hard shoulder of the M2.
‘Hmmmm’ I thought, this chappie is obviously going to give me a hand to change the wheel. He got out and barracked me for scaring the bejasus out of his family, ‘you scared the hell out of my ten year old daughter, what the hell do you think your’e playing at’ he screamed…I was actually speechless to reply!

I must admit, it’s probably quite terrifying when they blow. It’s also quite scary for me and my colleagues to nip out into the live lanes to retrieve said tyre carcass :open_mouth: