bless him

this guy is smoking some good quality stuff me thinks, look in the q and a bit, I thought the starting price was wrong too :laughing: … 500wt_1182

Q: There is a fine line between genius and madman, and you Sir are way, way over on the madman side of it. But thank you for giving me, and the other eBayers such amusement at your insane antics. This ad will be remembered as THE most absurd, bizzare, pretentious, delusional folly ever to be posted on eBay. Good day Sir! 06-Aug-09
A: why thank you. you may express your gratitude by bidding if you so desire?
Q: mate what drugs are u on ■■ cos i would like some of them as maybe my mr2 would be worth 1,000,000 while im on these drugs…i hope the drugs aint as expencive as ur tast in ■■■■ trucks ! 01-Aug-09
A: mr rick, how charming of you to enquire about my hilux with your eloquent dialogue. may I suggest that you go back to school. I presume you passed your driving test before the written section was added. please note that the hilux’s proven track history dispells any notion that they are bad trucks.
Q: Hi you say… Much time and money has been spent on her during the past two years to ensure that she is still running in 20 years time… Time & money doing what ■■? What has been upgraded, changed. What works, what doesn’t. Your listing is VERY vague as to any details regarding the truck…!! 01-Aug-09
A: Thank you for that very important question mick. In fact I have been waiting for this very question to come along. So far the folllowing have been replaced - back suspension, the front shocks, windscreen mechanism & wiper, propshaft, exhaust, alternator, both batteries, cambelt, radiator, thermostat, spare wheel mechanism (works perfectly). I hope this list gives you some understanding as to the level of renovation that the truck has experienced.
Q: hello. i`m interested in your pickup. but i feel twelve grand is a little steep. if you have no joy at that price i would offer around twelve hundred. depending on length of mot and tax. many thanks roy 01-Aug-09
A: thank you for your offer and this extends to all the other similar offers out there. £1200 is an absurd amount though, anyone that has had a mechanic bill recently will understand that. there is absolutely no way I would part with this truck for less than the asking price, its just not worth it. this is a great truck that is enjoying its prime.
Q: Hi,can i ask why you think it’s worth 12k?? 31-Jul-09
A: this is a classic truck that is an investment. with not that much care this vehicle will still be running for years to come. I would be selling very reluctantly as I have loved this truck. but for the right price I would sell on and find another project.
Q: Hello there, do you mean to put #1,200.00 as your start bid or you really mean #12,000.00? 30-Jul-09
A: the starting price is £12,000

you never know there me be a prize if you buy it, he mite fill it up with what he on :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: