Bit of a strange question but... What's in a drivers bag?

Yes I know this may be a strange question, but as I have just started my training I want to cover all bases for when I start my new driving job.
I see drivers all the time with bags and often wonder what sort of kit do you need as a driver. I wouldn’t want to turn up for my first day of work and have forgotten something!
Do I need to purchase my own sat nav or will the company provide one?
Any useful bits that could help me?
Any advice you experienced drivers out there could provide would be great :smiley:.

Hi bud. Im pretty new myself. Just passed my c+e last week. Stil looking for work. Ive seen guys ask that question before and im sure ive seen posts on this. Try the search top of page. Theres lots of things. Torch. gloves.( pillow. duvet if tramping) spare tacograph paper. wet wipes for hands. Theres loads of stuff i havnt coverd bud but sombody will be long to help more. Gud luck bud :smiley:

My Sandwich’s :laughing:

Usually your own Sat Nav, Snoopers or Tom Tom make 'em for wagons but are expensive, there’s a Chinese one on ebay, I believe for around £70.

The company ‘Should’ provide PPE, but your own gloves will be useful, small hand towel/rag (for when you get covered in 5th Wheel Grease, which is certain to happen at least once, then you will keep finding it all over the cab for the next 3 weeks :laughing: )

Bottle of water, when I first started driving, I didn’t bother with water & I used to get the most horrendous headaches (due to dehydration) :cry:

Paper part of your licence, if you work for an Agency (Parasite) most companies will want a copy before they let you loose with the keys. Diary, to write down all your hours, so you can challenge the ‘Parasites’ when they short change you for the work you’ve done. (a hammer is handy as well, for negotiating with the Agency Rep, when he’s not rang you with tomorrows work !) :unamused:

Small multi tool screwdriver tool has got me out of the Muck on a few occasions, along with my Trusty Leatherman (good quality, lasts for years) :wink:

If you end up nighting out, you will need another list, there’s other threads on here with all those items. Best to get your own motor rather than Cab Hopping IMO.

Good Luck with your Training.

my bags heavy, not that i night out but just in case i get caught short which has happened and was starving,mars bars, map book with low bridges zip ties in case leg handle bracket bust which also has happened so had to use boot lace to sort it. flask is a must packet soups coffee and milk in pill containers swiss knife the list goes on but everyones different its just what ive learned to take i once lost a reg plate so now have a marker and piece of card in case, as i got done 30 quid, even a spare dog clip some may take the pee but its just experience as being agency it dosnt pay to moan too much as the slugs wont ring you, you will sort your own things and good luck with it

1.5 litre of water
Map book, driving cards, wet wipes, wallet,
Gloves, 2 rolls of tacho roll, pens, cycling magazine.

And most importantly…pillow! I like the feather ones, they roll up really well.

Thanks for all the advice guys, I guess I’ll just fill my bag up as I go along I’m sure they’re will be something I forget :stuck_out_tongue: !

Mine holds…

UK Truckers Atlas
Sat Nav
Phone Charger
Rigger gloves for fueling/coupling/other dirty stuff
Gripper gloves for everything else (2 pairs in case one gets wet)
Ear defenders
Spare tacho rolls
Few spare Transcan rolls I have acquired
Loads of pens
Some reading material
Little screwdriver set including torx heads (for them annoying star shaped screws)
Wind up torch (although thats now redundant as my iPhone has one)
Antibacterial wipes for cleaning mucky steering wheels & any of my own spillages
Glass wipes


Just in addition to the answers above I have a sandwich box to keep chargers and torch in. It keeps them all together and tidy too. :smiley:

loads of crap!! :laughing:

don’t forget baby wipes - clean hands at lunchtime is a must plus they will double for cleaning if you want to do any
paper towel or a rag (for checking oil/cleaning mirrors etc)
I take waterproofs, just in case
spare tachos/rolls/pens/paper etc
you cannot take enough water or liquid refreshment of any kind! I always have a min 2ltr with me, preferably 3 if its warm

plus satnav/cables/chargers/earphones/hay fever tablets/headache pills/sunglasses/glasses in case I have a problem with contacts/sunblock (yes, really)/tacho wallet/notebook where I keep all my info that I’ve learned/defect sheets

I also carry a step stool to reach my fridge controls. Yep, I really do and I do use it!