Bit of a diary

Was gonna do a diary last week and saw loads of interesting stuff but couldnt get me camera on in time, so lost interest, anyway heres a few pics.

Monday morning 3.15 start, Lock the front door and begin the commute to work all the way across the road to me truck :smiley:

Put tacho in, program Sat nav, i know im only going to Southampton but i like to keep an eye on the ETA.
Says 3hours 50 with an arrival time of 7.25

Its early :cry:

Get there at 7.02, so beat me satnav by 23 mins

Had plenty of rain in Southampton by the looks of it

Any way into the docks and the white box next to the orange one was on fire, fire brigade were there and that area was shut, crap photo though shows none of the excitement

Fuelled up at South Mimms, thats about the only thing I would do there filthy β– β– β– β– β– β– β– β– β– 

Tipping Stevenage early doors next day so looked for somewhere to park nearby, and came across this car park, trucks can park there over night, but only from 5 pm till 8 am, arrived there at 3.30 so had to wait

Got in there, and parked up. TV out for the night, managed to get all freeview channels, so watched goldenballs

Round to Lewis’ the next day for a 6 am booking, after 3 hours this is how far they had got

Finally left there at 12, which made me four hours late for me collection in London, and whilst driving through London I saw 2 tramps fighting, each holding a can of special brew, and not spilling a drop, but couldnt get me camera out in time, so give up with pics for the rest of the week, see told you it wasnt very exciting


Do you share that lorry with some Polish driver? I heard that no respectful British driver will put a toys on the windscreen :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

good diary mate interesting read

I agree, very good, nice glass in the front door mate :wink:

All was going well until you decided to watch Golden Balls !!

Good diary!
Cheers Bugcos i love pictures Lol

Ah! John Lewis. I used to run a parcel franchise in Stevenage and had many wasted trips to JL.

They had a speed bay and an express bay both of which were a contradiction of terms! They are a joke.