Bewick Transport – ERF B series

Bewick Transport – ERF B series

Bewick Transport of Milnthorpe ran many ERF’s over the years including four A series, two with ■■■■■■■ engines, the other two had Gardner engines. These were replaced by two ERF B series both were day cabs (Bewick Transport did not like sleepers) these two units were double shifted many carrying steel.
However, a third ERF B series entered the fleet, whilst it did not have a factory sleeper cab it had a flat roofed converted sleeper cab, I believe it was bought second hand from another North West based haulier, not to sure what engine it had in.

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My sentiments also Rob, if you made one enquiry or story referring to Bewick transport Dennis would definitely be strait in with any story or facts to inform or help with info relating to his company’s history. sad to say i also think he has abandoned ship like so many other regular members and this can be seen from the post history, s

Westmoreland seems pretty well genned up on Bewick detail.

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