Betz @ Hamilton

Heres a polish betz merc at Hamilton services ,

and i though it would just post this aswell saw it in the traffic jam for tyne tunnel -

Thank for picture, not expect see the betz parking in scotland, its very long way driving from contential via tunnel :smiley:

Cheers Ben

Scotland is a long way from anywhere. In thought & deed… :laughing:

i have seen quite a few on the m74 latley

As you will remember, Willi Betz bought Edwards, who KW drives for. Edwards have a depot in the same industrial estate that the big Safeways RDC is in at Bellshill.

Hope edwards fleet doesnt turn into thoselittle mercs :laughing:


I saw an 06 Volvo Globey in Edwards colours recently so there’s still hope!!!


calv that will proberly be a uk only motor edwards sold their european division and just runs uk know as far as i know. betz bought it and kw now has a merc in full betz livery .and from reading some of his past posts they seem ok

:astonished: So KW went from a fine Volvo FH (G) to one of those small mercs…o dear

Yea Calv still hope :smiley:

Just not the nicest of loads he got there :laughing:

yeah still see british Edwards use volvo but they sold the european division to Willi Betz so Betz have change the whole of livery fleet but still see some of fews edwards trailer left


Shame to see Edwards go over 100 volvos could be tunred into little mercs , and with them being double manned must be a bit cramped with two drivers living in one of them.

yeah its shame to see Volvo gone replace by tiny actros :laughing:

now Edwards Betz BV dont use double manning, they use single belgians, brits and german drivers but you will see double manning drivers seat on eastern european truck plate only.


good news for edwards drivers… :laughing:

.hmm…double manning wouldnt be that bad if you get with an alrite driver i think.

Surely willi can invest in some Actros megaspaces by now :laughing:

another betz

this time at doncaster services m18

whats the orange logo on the side of that 1?

Hi Jonboy, when do you take the photos of 4551 Willi Betz Espana actros in Doncaster Service, because today i went to london M4 Heston Service, saw six betz truck parking and saw same number 4551 espana truck with bulgarian drivers as your photos they are friendly and we have chat and they offer me to eat thier BBQ chicken and beer! :smiley: :lol

@TomDaf, All Espana truck must have orange diamond logo sticker on truck side - i think something do with O’Licence or Transport regisition regions,

you will able see any spainish truck, orange sticker say " B" mean Barcelona,
“MU” - Murcia, “V” - Valenica etc…

Ben :sunglasses:

The sticker could be a bit smaller :laughing:


it was friday at about 2 pm


:o So KW went from a fine Volvo FH (G) to one of those small mercs…o dear

Oh dear indeed!

The Merc actually isn’t that bad,the bed is a lot more comfortable than the Volvo and there is quite a bit more storage inside.

There are some 1846 Megaspace’s on the road,mostly in Italy and Austria but there are also a couple on Dutch plates that are run from Reutlingen.

I actually saw an 06 plate Edwards Volvo in Dunkerque this week,so maybe they are doing some International again.