Bet you can't get this one

What’s the road on the right where the arrow is then?

i think its the slip road near the dartford tunnel :question:

No sorry. not right.

not a road but a dead tarmac area on a wide overbridge :question:

Well OK yes, but it’s the only bit of a major road that ever got built. The rest of the road seems to have been forgotten about now.

M11 northbound by A406 ■■

Well it’s pretty close.

It’s the M11 southbound just before the A406. The road on the right is the only bit of the M12 that ever got built. As you head north you can see the intended course of the M12 diving under the southbound flyover (which flies over nothing) That’s why there’s a big gap between the carriageways.

Oops wrong post. :unamused: